Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer 2013 hair blast off!

Hello loves!
I think it is safe to say Summer 2013 is officially upon us! Wooo Hoo! Here's to the super fun vacations, sittin by the pool, family cook outs, and lake trips. I myself am excited, summer is one of my personal favorite seasons. (minus the flies and humidity.) Although, with the change of the seasons comes new fashion,  hairstyles and colors, oh & don't forget some of the hair issues that go along with this season in particular.

To kick off summer the right way in the "hair" world, each week I will be posting a blog dedicated to summer hair colors, cuts, styles ( with great how to's),  and my favorite summer products. Also be looking forward to my sweet little in between post ( like fashion trends, nail polishes, make up etc)

So, lets get started with my favorite part of my job, COLOR!

Normally when you think summer colors you automatically think lighter and brighter. Which is 100% right. I would say at least 75% of my client base ask to be lighter during the summer months. Lucky for you all, I've found some amazing new color trends for this year.
My personal favorite  new summer color trend is Balayage. If you are familiar with ombre, balayage is kind of similar. It is pretty much painting on your highlights. Which gives the stylist way more room to be artistic while creating a beautiful natural looking but bold highlight. One of the things I love about balayage is it automatically brightens up a persons face and draws you into their eyes.  This is a great way for you to brighten up for the summer without doing the typical highlight. Also this trend can be very versatile (if that makes since.) meaning, you can go from very simple and elegant to bold, easily. && it looks great with every color. (check out the amazing golden balayage on Ms.Jessica Biel on the right.)
To the left is a photo of the balayage process. How cool is that, right!? I have to say different stylist do it different ways. I prefer painting my hair on a board and separating the layers of hair with saran wrap.
Either way I think it is a beautiful way to highlight hair. Oh, and another plus, there isn't much upkeep! :)

Another one of my favorite colors this year is the "blondette" Its a great way to lighten up your hair all over, but still keep your brown tones and the roots. Adding some brown throughout while making the mid shaft to ends of your hair lighter. I have done this color trend on a few of my clients and they as well as myself have absolutely loved it!( Mrs.Buffy is one of my wonderful clients pictured on the left:)) I think this color is beautiful especially
in wavy hair.  It really shows off the hills and valleys of curly hair.I would recommend this color for anyone who wants a drastic change but wants to keep the basis of their hair the same. Or for someone who would like to try going blonde all over soon and just wants to see how they would look lighter all over. This is also a color trend that has very low maintenance.  && (side note) Notice how J. Lo's blonde isn't extremely blonde and has a light color to it,that is a color or color glaze over top of her highlights. Putting a color or color glaze is a great way to add an extra barrier over top of your blonde to protect it from the effects of summer.

And also as trend that has been slowly making a come back I think finally has. FASHION COLORS!
 I have always been a huge fan of bright crazy fashion colors in hair! What I am loving about this season is, people are wearing fashion colors as just another hair color & totally rocking it. The only one thing that I do not like about fashion colors is the fact that they fade. & they fade alot faster than a normal color does. BUT lucky me, I was just introduced to a new color line from Goldwell called Elumen. It is a long lasting fashion color. In fact, the only way to get it out is to use a particular product that comes with the line called remove. I would suggest this type of color for someone who is looking for a big change and whose job doesn't mind "non-typical colors" Also for someone who either only wants to do fashion colors for a few weeks (which I would suggest extensions for) Or someone who wants to rock them for a while. In which case you would use the Elumen.

Now, lets talk about your color ( no matter what color) and the effects the summer will have on it. Some of you have heard me say this before, but, your hair is like a straw. Especially when it has been bleached. Which means it will soak up anything ( pool water, salt water,chlorine, the sun etc) It is normally not a good idea to get your hair done right before you go on vacation or somewhere you will be swimming. ( I would suggest at least two weeks before. Or your best bet would be to wait until you get back home.) Everyone knows what happens when blonde hair soaks up chlorine. ( it turns a nice green or sometimes even blue) & Even if you do wait a few weeks after getting your hair done to go to the beach you may still experience this problem. The best way to prevent it is to wet your hair and put in a lightweight conditioner or a leave in before getting in the pool. Buuuttt if this happens to you, the best way to get green ( or blue) out of your hair is to shampoo it with 4-6 baby asprin and a clarifying shampoo.  Also the sun itself can cause your hair to fade MAJORLY! (Even if it is not your natural hair color) The best way to prevent this is to simply wear a hat when you are outside. Also the sun can dry your hair out especially if your hair has been bleached or lightened. (A lightweight moisture shampoo and conditioner is best for this :))

 Want to hear more hair business check out my FB page @
Or if you're local, come see me at Studio 601 Salon. (located outside of Monroe)

As always, keep your head held up high and your hair BIG!
-Stylist Felicia <3

Sunday, June 2, 2013

S Factor wonderful tonight review

Hello beautiful! 

A few weeks ago I posted a pic of a new overnight conditioning treatment I have been using (wonderful tonight by S Factor from TIGI) With the weather getting warm it is a great time to give your hair the added moisture the sun and dry air will take away. Also everyone seems to want to go lighter in the summer which is also a great reason to condition. I got lucky and this overnight treatment from my boss to try out.  &  it was amazing, let me tell you a little about the line it comes from.
S Factor is a high end line produced by TIGI. Which is a major brand in the hair industry that also carries lines like CATWALK and BEDHEAD, along with a makeup line (that I love!) Designed to exemplify female beauty, and top of the line hair care. (learn about S-Factor here)

Let me start by saying, HOW CUTE IS THAT BOX! I have to say.. I was almost sold just by the box and the way the product is presented. Bbuuuutttt thats definitely not to look for especially not in a hair product. The wonderful tonight repairs extremely damaged hair and leaves it feeling soft and silky. Note though, that conditioner itself can only do so much for your hair. If you hair has "been through the ringer" the ONLY way to get it back to the way it should be is with a trim. Don't get me wrong, conditioning helps a whole lot but it is not the only way to get your hair back to its normal PH and the way it should be. Although it is proven to strengthen hair by three times.  
 It is a pretty lightweight conditioner. (Which means it would be great for someone with thin hair, who wants to condition but doesn't want their hair super greasy the next morning.) & did I forget to mention, it smells amazing! (If you haven't figured it out yet, I am huuugggeee on smells!) It smells very floral with a hint of vanilla. I loved the results I got with it. Along with the amazing smell, my hair was much smoother the next day and  more manageable to style. I would recommend this product to all of my clients. It is great for a little "pick me up" for your hair during the summer, if it is just a little dry. Or for someone who's hair needs help. (of course more than once along with other things.) It's super easy to use ( just wash your hair twice and put this in. Leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.) 
Since trying this over night leave in, I am def more inclined to buy more of the S Factor line. If you would like to try the S Factor wonderful tonight be sure to let me know! :)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

SPRING 2013 favorite's

Hello loves!

Most of the time when the seasons change, I start changing my perfume. You all know my favorite perfume this past winter was Juicy Couture Couture La La, but now it is warming up and time to change it up a bit. Some of my favorite fragrances come out during spring! & most of them  come from Bath and Body works. I am a sucker for a " island-ish kind of smell. (lol) So I grabbed a few of my favorites from there and some of my all time fav's & figured I would share them with you all.

Lets start with the Bath and Body stuff. (daisy dream girl body spray and lotion, RIO rumberry lotion & Bali mango body scrub) I have to say my favorite smell out of all of them for spring is the daisy dream girl (which would be why I have the body spray and lotion) it has a very light, clean, floral smell. If you have ever smelled while cherry blossom, I think the two are almost the exact same. & I love body cream from bath and body bc it is a lot thicker and more moisturising than lotion and you can just throw it in your bag, & it smells amazing!
I also got a Rio rumberry body cream. A friend of mine had it about a year ago when I went with her to a dirt bike race for the weekend & It smelled amazing!(& look at the cheetah print bottle!) It has more of a fruity and heavier smell than the dream girl. In my opinion I think it is more suited for winter coming into spring.. ( like end of February-March & you could even use it on a spring night.)
The Rio rumberry is part of the 2013 escape collection, (so you can only get it once a year) along with the body scrub I picked up. Its called Bali mango. I love body scrubs in winter and spring. With the weather warming up, the flip flops are coming out. (one of my favorite things about spring.) Which means its time for pedis and cute toe nail polish. I use the scrub on the bottoms of my feet in between pedis and sometimes as a body wash. It is great tool to use to polish your skin. Also if you have an event, and need a spray tan, you can use the body scrub the night before to prepare for the spay tan and make it spray on more even.
One of my all time lotion favorites in spring is the vaseline aloe fresh lotion ( & the hawaiian tropic lime coolada after sun moisturiser. not pictured.) I spend a lot of time outside of work, in the sun during the spring and summer. Both of these lotions are great for sunburn!! The aloe fresh of course has aloe in it which is great to calm down any burn. But I have to say the lime coolada is my favorite, it actually cools down your skin when you get out of the sun.. kind of burns a little bit at first.. but it is worth it. I promise!
To the far right is one of my most favorite perfumes EVER! It smells alot more like a stronger perfume than body spray. Very clean and fresh. I typically keep it in my purse and use it constantly. It comes from Victoria Secret. I also love this bottle.
Then you have the Pink Ice from Rue 21. I love love love that store, even though every time I go in I spend too much money. I haven't used it too much this year, but I used to all the time last year. It has kind of a heavy, sugary kind of smell. & it is great to layer with!
What fragrances are your favorites around spring time?
Keep an eye out for tomorrows blog ALL ABOUT HAIR, which is what I know yall really look at this blog for. ;) Everything from my favorite colors of spring to the best hair care products to use when you're in the sun.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring FASHION 2013

Hello loves,

I hope today finds you all well and enjoying the sunshine. Today is day 2 of the SPRING 2013 BLAST OFF, the fashion edition. Do let me just say I am not by any means a fashion-esta, but I did enjoy doing my research and learning all about the new trends and fashions for this spring. & I have to say I love them. (well some of them) It seems like to me, fashion is taking a turn back in time to the 80's and 90's, with a modern twist. I'm all for it (as long as the 80's hair and bangs don't make a come back)  I am loving the "it" colors for spring (teal, pastel pinks, blues and yellows, corals, and greens) and the patterns (zig zag,stripes,etc). & the accessories are my favorite! So lets jump right into it.
 Most of the photos and quotes you will read are from GLAMOUR MAGAZINE . (the quotes will link you directly to the website.) They come from the Spring 2013 fashion show, worn everywhere from Paris to NYC.

THATS RIGHT, The short jumpsuit is commin back again! Glamour says "If you buy one thing this spring, make it a shorts suit!"  I have to say when I saw them out a bit last year, I wasn't so sure, but after seeing them again this year they are starting to win me over. I think with the right body type and style they would look great for spring. & I love the patterns and colors they are in this year. They are very versatile ( from a day out on the lake to a night out on the town, or even in your office.) I am not crazy about the short suit on the far right, it looks great on the model, but I feel like it is a little too bulky for spring. The one in the middle and to the far left are my favorites. ( Far left made by Michael Kors and middle by Tory Burch. I've seen a million of these when I am out and about doing my shopping, granted the ones I have seen are more like the short suit in the middle. Ross in particular has some really cute ones. :) My favorite thing about the short suit is the ability to dress it up (with a few nice accessories and heels, or just wear it as it with flats or flip flops.)

With a glance to your right you can see my personal FAVORITE spring dress. A loose fitting lace dress. This year it is all about texture, from the shoes to clothing to handbags and accessories. & Lace in my opinion is the best! It is far from the lace you would see in your grandmothers house, but still close enough to give it some what of a vintage and classy look. You will see lace popping up everywhere this year. I've even seen lace bracelets. It is simple and elegant and again can be dressed up or down givin the occasion. I am digging this girls belt around the waist and the pop of green in the pocketbook. & lace is soo comfy ( as long as there's something under it) A loose fitting dress like this would be perfect to throw on in the morning when your not too keen on being super dressed up and working a long day. && it still works and looks AMAZING! I will be shopping around for some lace clothing for myself this year, that is for sure!
While we are talkin about dresses lets skip to the sporty dress. " A line skirts and shoulder showcasing top" 
These are most def in this year, but they kind of remind me of a tennis dress. They look great on some people and I love the flowy skirt on the left, but I am afraid to say, with my big shoulders I will not be purchasing one. (lol) I have seen a variation of these in different stores I have been to. My favorite is the sporty dress with block coloring, it looks great and is perfect for a night out on the town! You can wear it with heels or even tennis shoes. (lol)
& lets not forget the Maxxi dresses! They are the most comfy things in the entire world and look awesome! These have been popular for a few summers now, I think they will hang out for a while. I love the fact that they are versatile and look great on ANYONE! & check out the print on this one
( to the left)! It is my most favorite spring  print, I'm seeing it pop up everywhere! & don't forget the Maxxi skirt. It is so easy to dress up. Paired here with a cute plain white tank top and super cute flats. ( & I lovvvveee those accessories, I've been waiting quite some time for "bangles" to make a comeback! lol)
Lets talk some more about accessories.  Everyone who knows me, knows I accessorise EVERYTHING! & have a crazy kind of love for pocketbooks. So look to the left and you will see my favorite spring accessory the bubble necklace, I saw my friend Jessi with one earlier this year, and fell in love. & this the color of this one is the most popular color of spring I think!  & To the right is a MUST HAVE for spring, a structured satchel, I am not crazy about the way it looks, but with the right outfit it would be perfect.  & I love love the color of this one! Think about the organization you would have with this little bag!
Don't forget everyone's favorite, shoes! Pointy toes are THE best! I love the ones pictured here! They too have been around for a while, but are making a comeback everywhere this year.
I actually own a pair that have shiny silver toe (which is also in this year) I have seen a few of them that have more of a chunky heel and I was not crazy about them. With a small heel like the ones pictured here they are great for a night out. I wear my flats all the time! (But they do stretch with wear.) I will be purchasing more before the year is out!
& I will leave you will the one Spring fashion I have been rocking since I first saw them. The bright colored jeggings. My family and friends used to give me the hardest time for wearing leggings and jeggings all the time, but you can't beat the comfort. When I was actually at wal mart last month I saw the bright colored jeggings, and grabbed a few pairs. ( granted I can't wear a lot of colors with my hair) The teal was my favorite, and they are now my new favorite pair of jeggings, I seriously wear them all the time! Now I just need to go out and grab a few more things from my list and maybe I will be a fashion-esta.

Until next time ya'll, keep your HAIR big, head held up high and stay beautiful inside and out! 
-Felicia :)

Monday, April 15, 2013


Hello loves,
I know it has been a super long time is I have written a blog. The past month has been full of tragedy, and crazy things with in my family, so I took some time off. I am still not my 100% self, so I ask that you all please bare with me. But on a positive note, I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL! & I can't wait to get back into the swing of things! & I have to tell y'all I have ALOT to get you guys filled in on! :)
For my first week back I am doing a 5 day SPRING BLAST OFF. I know most of you are like me and couldn't be more happier with the weather and sunshine  Also all of the new trends that are popping out and new spring hair colors, it is hard to not be excited about it. For the spring blast off we will discuss the new hair trends for spring, along with, fashion, make up, smelly goods, and all of my spring favorites. As well as a NEW DEAL FOR EACH DAY OF APRIL!

So lets get started with our what's left of April newsletter.

Thus far April has been full of beautiful days, flowers blooming, sun shining, a few showers, oh and allergies  (Gotta hate that.) It's time to go lighter and brighter with the hair colors and sometimes shorter with the cuts. :) I love love this time of year!
Let's talk for a minute about the lighter and brighter hair colors, it is always a good idea to go brighter in the spring and summer and darker in the fall and winter. You don't necessarily have to bleach your hair for the summer or put a lot of highlights in, sometimes you can just lighten your base color a bit and add a small bit of blonde or lighter color around the face to give you the "pop". Check out Ms.Jenn to the right. Her hair was a darker brown but mostly all natural. I pulled in a bit of gold and some light blonde, (kind of in an ombre effect  to brighten up her face and get her all dolled up for spring. 
Please remember though, bleaching hair does damage it. & you also have to be careful what volume peroxide your stylist is using. As a good rule of thumb, if your hair is from dark brown to black-ish ( think kardashian) or has any type of red color in it, it will take at least 30 volume to lift it. & If your hair is not in good condition to start with, this will MOST def make it worse! Also any time you are using bleach on your hair, it is a good rule of thumb to add a conditioning or protein treatment to your service. ( lucky for you I have both of these for FREE this month)
If your hair is in good condition, don't be scared to lighten it! A nice pale blonde or a blonde with pearl undertones are very IN this spring.


- All over highlights only $65.00
-FREE conditioning or protein treatment with any bleaching service
-Add any color to your service for only $5.00
-1/2 off SSS keratin blowout with any service.  ($30.00 value for $15.00)

& TO GET YOU READY FOR ALL OF YOUR SPRING EVENTS, book ahead of time and ask for Miss.Tiffany Faith to add lashes to your service for only $5.00 (Saturdays only)

Around the salon:

As many of you know, at Studio 601, we are all about keeping things modern and beautiful.

Check out Ms.Iveys station. I LOVE THIS COLOR ON THE WALLS. & with the dark purple on the adjacent wall, it really makes the space pop! ( can't find a picture) We have also incorporated the peacock feather and a few new paintings on the wall to tie everything together.
Also I finally have  NEW product shelf! So I have decided to bring in KENRA Platinum, and Joico styling as well as some its a 10. I of course still have my ROCK BIG HAIR and JOCIO shampoo and conditioner. ( I will post a pic as soon as I get it all finished. As well as a blog all about the kenra) I already told you guys a bit about the joico styling, but I will also tell you about the new stylers I have pulled in.

We also added a new waiting room with a new couch for you all at the back of the salon ( for when the front gets a little too crowded)
& last but not least we are pulling in MOTIVES MAKE UP, As a salon. I couldn't be more pumped. This makeup works wonderfully and ranks up there with urban decay and bobby brown. I so far, have only ordered a few things I am trying out, but I will write a review on them asap. Also in the near future we will be having client makeovers for you all at the salon, but the motives ladies themselves! I can't wait!

I hope all of this news excites y'all like it does me! Keep an eye out this week for each Spring blast off blog. I am sure you will love them all!& my VOXBOX review & new styling products.
 Until then remember to keep your hair BIG, head held up high and stay beautiful inside and out.

-Felicia <3

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BM line

Hello loves!

As many of you already know, I recently made the switch from the Goldwell color line to Beth Minardi ( & Joico) color lines.& you guys also know, I am a COLOR NUT! It is my favorite part of my job. I find it lets me be very artistic, and creative.
So I got my full shipment of BETH MINARDI in a few weeks ago. My Minardi color package came with ALL of her permanent hair color, and Demi permanent creme hair color, Demi-Permanent liquid color,a color swatch book, all of her wonderful education tools, her signature 14' artistic foils, and full size bottles of each of her shampoo and conditioner sets. (Which are designed to treat and condition each head of hair depending on what chemical stress it has been under. (color, highlights, high lift color, Etc.)  Ohhhh it was the best day ever BTW! I felt like a kid on Christmas!

Since receiving my shipment (and previously right after I made the switch) I have been doing nothing but watching Beth's education videos, reading all of her product information, watching her webinars, and hanging out on her website and blog (which is awesome, you should check it out here!) I have really been trying to learn all of the ends and outs with her line. & Use her education and color line to the fullest to bring out a more artistic side to my coloring style.  I love her videos and even paper knowledge. I feel like Beth is very individualistic ( If that makes since) She makes sure she has all of the proper info and AWESOME tips for each and every color and client. She is also A COLOR BOSS! & has been in the business for many many years. She helped develop a few of the major color lines most stylist use today (redkin being one of them) and she worked with Joico for the last few years. (& I think she still does if I'm not mistaken) 
I have to say one of the things I do eat up (so to speak) is on the side of each box instead of it being plain it has "Beths tips"  where she tells you how she personally likes to use the color and what it could be used for!

Let me tell you a little bit about EVERYTHING the Bethi Minardi Signature line has to offer. From her colors to shampoo and conditioners. She also has a full product line but we will talk about that later! :)
 But first let me give you a little mini lesson. Our hair is made up of multiple things including lipids, proteins, fatty acids and water. Lets face it, every time you go into a salon and DEF when you use a box color you are damaging your hair. Although most professional color lines do have conditioning agents in them, they are typically straight across the board. Meaning, no matter what color service you are getting (all over color, highlift color, highlights, or just a glaze) you will get the same amount of condition for each. So lets just say you get a hi lift color, you will most likely not be getting all of the conditioning agents you need for that particular service.
The Minardi system uses something called a Calibrated Nutrition System, which restores exactly what nutrients are lost during each different type of color service by replacing exactly what is lost during each service. Therefore giving you a beautiful healthy color with tons of shine and a lasting color result. It also restores your hair back to its original or even better condition. Also her color SMELLS AMAZING! I have never used a color line that smelled good. (granted some are not as strong as others) BUT the BM line has a fresh cotton blossom smell to it. It works to eliminate the chemical smell and also relax you while you are enjoying your color service. 
(I sometimes catch myself smelling the color in the bowl over and over again.. isn't that terrible..)
Alrighty, now that we have that mini lesson out of the way lets talk more about each of her color choices. The Beth Minardi line is made up of 55 beautiful shades. From the BB's (natural colors), to the BG's and GG's,CR's,RR's and my personal favorites the ICE shades. Each of her colors has a perfect balance of all colors necessary to create beautiful results. And I have found her permanent creme color as well as her demi-permanent creme color have GREAT gray coverage. (Demi-permanent is a color that doesn't last quite and long as a permanent color and doesn't penetrate as deep in the hair cortex,so.. its kind of like a color laying on top of your natural color. & I love her Demi-liquids ESP for freshening up ends as well as toning blondes (ICE shades) and warming up blondes. Here are just a few of the beautiful colors I have created using her line.
What do you guys think?? Beautiful VIBRANT colors, right?

Now lets talk a little bit about her shampoo and conditioners. Just like how her colors are made to give your hair the perfect amount of nutrients it needs for its particular service, so does her shampoos and conditoners. Where as most lines have like a volume line, or a color line and a silky line, she has 3 different types of shampoo and conditoners. Each are based on the chemical service you have done to your hair.  (HOW COOL IS THAT) 
System 1 includes weightless wash and weightless afterwash, which is for hair treated with semi or demi color. The conditioner is not as heavy so it is also great for people with fine hair. 
System 2 includeds a balancing wash and afterwash for hair treated with permanent hair color. 
And System 3 (my favorite) is the nourishing system. With a nourishing wash and aferwash. Which is for hair treated with bleach or a hi-lift color. I also like to use this on clients whom's hair as been previously treated with those things or box color :/!  
& my MOST MOST favorite is the PRE WASH THERAPY! This is used as a conditioning treatment on dry hair. I have used it on almost every client in between foils (just as Beth does in her videos) It gives the hair that you are not foiling conditioning just as the color is doing the hair in the foils. & it is amazing. 
I have also used it on a client of mine who has had the worst time with frizz and uncontrollable dry ends because of medicines she is taking and it worked like a charm! 
Also each of her shampoos and conditoners are made with botanical extracts ( which are the most vital part of the plant) this ensures the absolute best at home treatment for color treated hair! & of course they smell amazing!
Now do you guys see why I am IN LOVE with my new color line! & my clients love it also!
Remember if you want to check it out I am running CRAZY color specials this month so COME CHECK IT OUT AND SEE WHAT YOU THINK!
& as always Stay gorgeous! 
( All information used either came from the Beth Minardi Webinar, website or technical manual, and personal experience.)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Joico Dry Shampoo and Joimist Firm review

Hello loves! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and happy St. Patrick's day! I actually got a mini weekend vacation (which hardly ever happens.) and definitely got to relax a little & had a blast!

So most of you know, I have been looking into new product lines to carry in the salon. This far I only have 1 full line set in stone Rock Your Hair. Which is a complete volume line (That I LOVE!) by Michael O'Roure.

 I figure the best way to find a new product line is, to pick and choose products from different product lines that I would normally use on my hair on a day to day bases, and try them out!This way I know personally all about the product, and give opinions from my personal experience as well as professional experience.  & why not tell you guys about it! :)

Last week I picked up a bottle of Joico dry shampoo and Joimist firm hairspray while at cosmo!I have actually been looking for a new dry shampoo here lately. I have tried many volume powders which double as a dry shampoo. (like Bombsell big hair powder) which work great. I just wanted to try a light weight dry shampoo to freshen my hair up on the days I do not shampoo. As for the hairspray.. every girl needs a can of hairspray @ all times! :) & they came in a package deal, so why not.

I have loved all of the joico products I have came across, and I use their color line!(Along with Beth Minardi) I also carry in the K-PAK line in the salon & I swear by it. ( I plan to keeping it in the salon also:)) So I was super stoked about trying my new products  out! These particular products come from joicos newly packaged Style and Finish products. Which also consist of texture cream, gel, and styling foam. What I love about this full line is, it not only works to style and finish or freshen up your look, but also improves your hairs condition.

Lets start with my personal favorite of the two. The Instant Refresh dry shampoo. Like I mentioned before, I have really been thinking about trying a new dry shampoo. I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days. & I don't have an oily scalp at all so I don't have a problem with super oily hair, but it does get a little oily on the 3rd day. So I figured I would use the dry shampoo  once in a while, BUT since I have had it, I have used it every day that I do not normally shampoo my hair. ( And sometimes even after I shampoo and blow dry) I LOVE LOVE IT! It is very light weight and smells amazing. ( It smells very fresh and the smell last ALL DAY!) It gives me just a tad big of lightweight volume at the roots and freshens my hair from roots to ends. I typically; spray a little at my crown and around my part (on day 3 lol) , flip my head upside down and spray all throughout, flip back over, brush through it, and my hair is perfect! I also love that it gives me just a small amount of lift with out adding too much bulk right at my roots. & It leaves the ends of my hair super soft in the mornings.  This would be a great product for anyone with all hair types. From thick to thin and dry to oily. & clients who think the bombshell powder is a little too heavy. It would also work great as a pick me up (1/2 way through your day for a little volume or a quick fix before a night out!) I have also used it after working out at the gym. I now have a can in my gym bag, one at home and tons in the salon! :)

I also like the Joimist Firm hairspray. It is a strong hold hairspray (hold factor of 09) (Notice: on most any professional product bottle you will see a hold factor. Typically the higher the number, the higher the amount of hold or flexibility the product will give you.) The hairspray also smells great and holds up great! I don't usually use a strong hold hairspray unless I am rockin a super cute bump or holding in curl. But of the ones I have tried I love this one. It has great hold and is humidity resistant and doesn't dry my hair out! It also leaves my hair feeling soft, but doesn't soften my curl too much. I use it after I have  finished style that I don't want to move, as a finishing spray. (look forward to my upcoming blog ALL ABOUT WHAT TYPE OF HAIRSPRAY IS BEST FOR YOUR STYLE!)

After trying both of these I am stoked about trying out the rest of Joico's product lines, and possibly adding one to my collection!  For more info on Joico products visit If you are interested in trying any of these products or have any questions or comments leave them :)

I will leave you all with a quote I just read a few minutes ago from Mr.Micheal O'Rourke (kind of random.. I know)

"If you really can do beautiful art and you can love the people around you, you will make it!"

<3 Stay Gorgeous!

Monday, March 11, 2013


I hope the first few weeks of March finds you all well. I have been busy getting all of my spring plans made and focusing on my new color line. (Beth Minardi) Also, my little sister is in town this week, and I have been spending most of my time with her since I don't get to see her often, and she is one of my very best friends. 
As much as I love my job and the art of coloring and cutting hair, I also LOVE make up products! I could shop for make up ALL DAY LONG, and even more if I had my side kick Miss.Tiffany Faith with me! :) In the past month I have been picking up a few items here and there. I decided instead of doing each item or each couple of items alone I would compile them altogether for you! 
So lets get to it! :)
Lets start with my FAVORITE! The Too Faced Boudoir palette. I have had it for quite some time now, & I LOVE IT! The shades are not as bold as some of my shades in the Natural eye palette  but I think this one is PERFECT for the grey smokey eye. & it has a few dark purple shades, which are great for green eyes! Too Faced is one of my favorite brands of eye shadow because, there have such a wide variety of shades that last all day. (of course with the use of urban decay primer) I have to say my favorite shades are Lap Dance (a deep purple with minimum shimmer,great for adding a little color to a smokey eye & also brings out light brown and green eyes!) French Tickler ( a true black with gold flakes. I love to use this one to add a little drama to the outside corner or in unison with garter belt for a grey smokey eye.) Garter belt ( a light matte grey, I can't help but use with every smokey eye!) and Birthday Suit (a light pink with shimmer, great for a highlight!)

If you look on top of the palette you will see the TIGI  eye shadow blending brush I picked up just a few weeks ago. Although it says blending I use it to apply my crease color. The bristles are soft but very firm (if that makes since)  which makes the distinct line I like for my crease color. & I use it to blend everything out when I get done with my look. :) I use alot of TIGI make up products and I have to say they are a NEVER FAIL brand. I love it!

Ok lets move to the back line!(so to speak) On the far left there is LASH BLAST from Cover girl  I have been told by many many make up artist that this stuff is the BEST! So when I was having an issue with my UD clumping up I grabbed it. & they were right. It is great! I like to use it with my UD and also with my TIGI mascara sometimes. Even if I use it last it usually un-clumps my lashes and doesn't give me spider lashes. & It also works great by itself. ( I would use it alone on a day I don't wear any make up except eyeliner and mascara.)

Beside that we have the Maybelline Stiletto liquid eye liner. I am not big on liquid eye liner.. but this was on sale.. and everyone knows I love clearance! I have tried it once or twice & I really like it. Unlike most liquid eye liners the applicator isnt super flimsy, it is firm and makes putting the eye liner on super easy. Also the liner goes on smooth and drys pretty quick! I can't say I will use it on myself ( I just don't like the look) But I will DEF. use it on some of my summer brides & in some pin up shoots.

On the same day I got the Stiletto liner I also picked up the Telescopic explosion mascara made by loreal. Again something I wouldn't normally buy.. but it was on sale also. It is water proof and is used to expand the lashes at the ends of your eyes. (like at the far right or far left.) & check out that brush!! I think it works pretty good & def gets in those hard to reach areas (like right at your nose)& expands the corner lashes beautifully . but I honestly do not take the time to go back through my corner lashes, I will how ever use this on my brides as well!

Next lets talk about the Sorme oil free eye make up remover. I got this at my local Cosmo Prof ( for professionals only) store. I was in need of a make up remover esp for my eyes. I like this one, it is very gentle and gets the job done. I have to say my only complaint is, once I have whipped the same area more than twice, it starts to burn. Although it could be the fact that I have dry skin anyway & I normally wear alot of eye make up and eye liner. The smell is great and like I said, it works great. ( just burns a bit after the first clean up I guess.) The make up remover is the only product I have used from Sorme line, but I will pick more of them up to try soon!

Beside the make up remover is the physicians formula green pigmented concealer and face primer. I normally love physicians formula, however, this product I am not crazy about. I'm not sure if it was because when I bought it I thought it was something different ( a combo of green, yellow and natural colors, because the brush is those 3 colors.) & I was thinking it would be a little thicker. It does go on very smooth, and is pretty shear. I would recommend using it under another concealer and not as a primer.(Unless you have a very red face or rosacea) I have to say I still use it from time to time under my eyes, but I top it of with the Rimmel match perfection (which we will talk about soon) So.. me not liking it could just be me being super picky, but If I were going to buy a concealer from physicians formula I would buy the small bottles of the yellow,pink and green. ( I used to have some and THEY WORK GREAT!) 

Next up is the Revive make up blender. Please do not ask me why I bought this.. I know it is all the rave.. but I have no idea how to use it.. I have tried to to blend my concealer and it works awesome & feels great on my skin & blends out concealer perfect without any lines. I know you can use it to do contouring.. (which I am supposed to be learning and posting a video about soon) So you guys just keep a look out for that and maybe Miss.Tiffany Faith can teach the both of us!

Lastly is the Rimmell match perfection concealer. I picked this up the other day at wal mart. I love it. I don't usually use a concealer  but I needed one for my bags. (lol) It is not only a concealer but it can also be used as a highlighter. The shade matches my skin perfectly. (maybe like half a shade lighter, but once you blend it, it does the job and looks great!) It is not a heavy concealer like most and goes on very smooth. I also like the applicator, you just squeeze the tube and the product comes out of the end just a little bit at a time, so you don't waste it! 

All in all I am happy with all of the products in this HAUL! Keep an eye out for a review of two new hair products I am carrying in the salon. Also my full BETH MINARDI 411 ( I have a webinar class with her next Monday and I can't wait! ) & my spring forward favorites are all coming up! 

Live everyday beautifully! 
-Yours truly :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013



March is a month full of events and holidays. For all of you sports fans you have MARCH MADNESS with tons of college basketball games. St.Pattys day  on the 17th, for all the gardeners don't forget good Friday ( the only time my dad starts his garden) is on the 29th. Easter Sunday ( One of the best days to spend with my family) is on March 31st. & DON'T FORGET THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING is on March 20th. For many high school students it is time to get ready for prom. For many college students it means its time for Spring Break, for me it means its time to LIGHTEN AND BRIGHTEN your hair for the warmer weather and spring time madness & be there for all of your styling needs!! :)

It seems like I along with most other ladies spend most of March, in the tanning bed, gyms and in the salon getting ready for the warmer weather,prom,weddings, Easter, and all the other events that go along with the month of march. This month make sure you pencil in a visit with me to get some crazy deals on the perfect spring colors for your hair.

Hair Madness!

-Root touch up ONLY $20.00 with the purchase of a wash, cut, and blow dry.
-upgrade any color service to a color and highlight for only an additional $25.00
-FREE hairspray when you book me for your wedding day or prom night!

One of the most popular forms of highlighting this year is called the Baliage technique! 

Most all of Hollywoods finest are wearing it. & I have even tried it out on a few of my clients! The result is a very natural looking highlight to start and ending with a bold highlight @ the bottom. (unless of course you want to go a little bolder at the top.)  Looking above at the picture you will see to the far left, a super blonde with some golden baliage low lights throughout. ( In the middle check out one of Hollywood's finest rocking the most popular form of baliage. ( very natural and thin on top to dramatic on the bottom.) ( & on the far right you can see my beautiful natural baliage on Miss.Tiffany Faith! With her color I went with a more natural high-lift blonde for the top and ends. (notice how much more color is in those ends tan the top.) Also you can't see it in the pic but I did some super bright blonde right at her temples for an added BAM affect! How do y'all think I did??

This month is also the time when all of the high school students are getting ready for PROM! One of the biggest events of your entire highschool life!  Prom means your HAIR, MAKE- UP, TAN, DRESS..EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT! 
Above are some of my FAVORITE STYLES FOR PROM! (compliments of
I think the perfect hair for prom is composed of alot of different elements. You don't want it to be too formal (save that for your wedding day), but you also don't want your hair to look like you have done it yourself. You want a fun,elegant, beautiful style for one of the most memorable nights of your life! Soon I will be doing a blog fully dedicated to the perfect prom style! :)  & Remember myself and Tiffany Faith have a company for all of your beauty needs on your special day! Faithfully Beautiful!

Also this month look for tons of beauty blogs from yours truly  I have a lot of great things in store for you all!  Keep an eye out for: Spring hair color madness, my spring smelly be goods, my latest full on make up HAUL, Prom and wedding styles I love,"The bump" tutorial, the rounded braid tutorial, and many more goodies!

Don't forget to wear your green on St.Pattys day! & Stay Beautiful!

Monday, March 4, 2013



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MY favorite 2013 Oscar hairstyles!

Hello LOVES! <3
I know it has taken me a few days to get my 2013 Oscar hairstyle loves posted. I did not get a chance to watch the Oscars, but I have been updated VIA the great websites and the Oscar website (which is were all of my pictures came from) I feel like a persons hair is a reflection of their personality and  speaks volumes. (weather is to make a statement or simply show their beauty)

Lets start with my absolute favorite style!
I love this some what 60's inspired curly look. Ms.Reese Witherspoon really captures the modern day pin up style. I love her slight finger waves at the top all the way down to the beautiful curling iron finger waves (yes I made that up) on the bottom. & Lets face it Reese Witherspoon rocks her color so well. She is practically the epitome of bombshell platinum blondes! To the right you will see Ms.Catherine Zeta-Jones with a looser and more barrel curl, with some what of a retro twist. I think the little flip in her side bang really brings it out. & I love that her hair has a curled look but doesn't look too over done or curly and still looks smooth, silky and beautiful. Her color is also a great plus, it goes great with her skin tone and wonderfully with her dress. 
While were on the subject of long beautiful locks, lets move on to Ms.Lucy Alibar. I love her long big bouncy curls. ( Again looks like it was done with a big barrel curling iron) I love how the left side of her hair looks like it is all one big curl! ( This look is very easy to achieve esp to people with hair on the thinner side. I am also IN LOVE with her color. A little darker on top and it looks like it has been Baliage'd (If that is a word) Which is a coloring technique similar to ombe, but a lot more natural and looks gorgeous  ( I just used this coloring technique on Miss.Tiffany Faith ( you should hound her for photos :)) && On  the bottom she has the PERFECT honey/ caramel blonde. ( I would love to have this formula)

Speaking of beautiful color. HOW MANY OF YOU GUYS HAVE ASKED ME ABOUT KELLY OSBOURNE'S PURPLE HAIR! My thoughts- I LOVE IT! Notice the silver highlights through the top! (That has to be my favorite part) & that purple is a beautiful lilac color that is very dimensional and also goes great with her skin tone. Random thought, I love that you always see Kelly with bright red lipstick and she ROCKS IT. She has a beautiful round face, any style, and cut and pretty much ANYTHING looks great on her! To the left check out this rockin, sexy short style worn by Ms. Charlize Theron. I love her confidence with this cut and style. It is soo crazy how a shorter, flirty little style is just as beautiful as long curly locks, and wayyyy more fun! I'm also loving her color ( Even with a bit of the roots showing, which I'm sure was intended) & I am digging that dress!
Check out this glamours bun Ms.Kristin Chenoweth is wearing. These are soo popular this year. And surprisingly enough, there not hard to do at all. I love her color also. (duh)( If she had her hair down you could see that her roots are a little darker then her ends, and her ends also have that beautiful caramel honey blonde that I rave about!  Her style is very well put together and goes great again with her face shape. I am loving the sleekness to this style, being pulled back tightly into a nice fluffy little bun. (reminds me of a ballerina.Wanna learn how to recreate this look?  CLICK HERE!

Next up is Ms.Helena Bonnam. I actually like this slightly messy up do! (minus the one random flower or whatever it is in the front) She wears it very nicely. It looks like a technique us stylist call sewing (which I have yet to master.) But none the less it turns out beautifully and you have NO BOBBY PINS! I also love the loose curls around the edges to give it more of a elegant look.  Last but BY FAR NOT LEAST, My FAVORITE lady EVER! Ms.Jennifer Aniston. ( to your left) I think she is the most beautiful lady on this earth, and she does it soo effortlessly! Check out her blonde locks with a slightly darker low light, Also the bright blonde at her temples to brighten up her face! & How she just rocks the straight down look @ the Oscars! Ahhh I love her!  

Wellp yall, there you have it! MY OSCAR FAVORITES. With some cool little tricks on how to recreate them yourself! I hope you all enjoyed it! [All photos used were found on]
Stay Beautiful! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life behind the shears


I am so so so sorry I have not been blogging in quite some time, I have been completely slammed with 12 hour days at the salon (which I am loving BTW), color classes and inspiration extravaganza, I am also in the process of making the switch to BETH MINARDI SIGNATURE COLOR LINE. In the midst of this I am getting ready for a BLOW DRY class for some clients and their closest friends, a bridal show (My business partner Tiffany Faith will be attending), & booking weddings left and right, as well as just living everyday life.
Lets talk more about the MINARDI color! I brought it in to use on just a few clients along with my goldwell and joico lines. It works wonderfully and doesn't have an underlying tone ( the color that lies underneath or makes the color) Most color lines have a golden, red, or green undertone. You can see it mostly when using the NN series in lines to cover gray. The Minardi line doesn't have the underlying tone (BUT it still has wonderful gold, reds, coppers and neutrals (her BB's)) It is made up of a permanent line, 2 demi-permanents (creme and liquid form) Not only are the colors amazing but they are made up of two botanical extracts (phyto-collagen & Ceramide)  which insure that your hair gets the proper nutrition while being colored. I just had my hair colored with the Minardi (& some joico) today, and I used her formula 2 shampoo and conditioner.  My hair feels, looks and smells fantastic! The color does NOT smell like a normal color, it actually smells kind-of like grapes (to me) and was actually formulated to relax you while getting your hair colored. Another great thing about this line is you can intermix it with JOICO ( which is another line I have been using as of late)
I have yet to watch all of the videos or get my complete line in. I have done alot of reading in her color handbook & I CAN'T WAIT to get my kit. Don't worry, when I do YOU will be the FIRST to know!!!  Lern more about Beth (Photo used is from

My how to- HOLLYWOOD blow-dry class will be held this Friday Night in Pageland, SC. I will be going through step by step on how to get your hair to look just like the movie stars, or like you just walked out of the salon. Along with some product knowledge. ( What products to use for what and why)  I can't wait to meet all of the lovely ladies that will be there, and give them inspiration to change the way they look at blow-drying. I learned this technique from one of the plat-form artist at the color boot camp I attended a few Mondays ago.  ( I will also be posting a blog soon on how you can achieve the same look :))  Depending on how this class goes (which I'm thinking it is going to go great) I will be holding more events, either in peoples homes or at the salon. Let me know if you are interested in booking one of those.

So, that is what is going on BEHIND MY CHAIR. What is going on in your life or behind your chair?? Can't wait to hear from you!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


For those of you who don't already know. I spent my Monday in an all day (8 hour) hair BOOT CAMP! It was provided by PARIS BEAUTY SUPPLY as well as REF. of Sweden color line and PRO RITUALS. 
In the photo above you will find me standing with REF. educator Jackie Yates ( on my right.) Whom used to educate and platform for Goldwell, and also has had his work displayed in Modern Salon magazine.) To my very left you will see the young girl with red hair. I am not sure about her name. ( A different educator was supposed to come but his mother got sick.) And to her left is color and product expert Katrina Ozment. She has traveled anywhere, from Georgia to Vegas with her product knowledge and color techniques.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this entire class. There wasn't a dull moment with these educators, and they were all so very nice and knowledgeable.  Mr.Yates went over with all of us the basics of hair styling and coloring. (face shape, body type, hair texture, facial features etc.) To ensure that I give YOU the most individualized cut and color to suite not only your face shape but also little things you wouldn't consider [ie. eye shape,lip shape, silhouette etc] I will never forget him telling us "the eyes are the gate way into the soul"** Did you know now I can look into YOUR eyes and tell you what colors are going to look the best on you, and around how long it is going to take your hair to lift** He showed me most importantly, just how much we as hair stylist can change someones day or life. It made me sit back and think about the small things I can do for my clients to show them that I care about them and their families.
 He also taught me a few NEW COLORING TECHNIQUES I can't WAIT to use. (such as the PERL BLONDE everyone is loving.) && how to highlight REDS with BLACK to make them POP!&& A few new haircuts I also can't wait to try out!  (More blogs to come regarding those)  Along with a few tips on what to add with my color to condition as it is coloring & pure pigments to add to colors to add depth or give the color a different hue.
The Red headed girl ( so sorry I don't know her name) gave great tips on the HOLLYWOOD BLOWOUT! (Which I will be running specials on VERY SOON! It consist of a lot of volume at the crown (top/ back part of head) and how to do the natural curly flips all of the movie starts are wearing these days.As well as how to blow dry and style hair with out picking up my flat iron. She also did a small segment on MENS CUTS. I think I am pretty fluent in mens cuts, but she pointed out to me that they too, want the experience. So I grabbed a few tips from her on the little things I can start doing for my male clientele to keep them cleaned up and coming back. Also a great tip on blending out all sides and angles for face shape.
Ms.Katrina didn't do too much talking through-out the class. BUT afterwards, I asked her about the part of the class where she was going to talk about building your business and product sales. Do you believe after the class she took and extra 20 mins just to explain those things to me personally. That meant a SUPER lot to me.  We had a one on one conversation on ways to build up my business and ways to present my products to my clients.
The color line that was used in this class is REF. OF SWEDEN. It is a line that was founded in Sweden. They carry a full product line for all hair types. ( & it is matched identically with what your hair needs with a number system) The line also has a full permanent and demi permanent color line. (which is what I am more interested in) All of the colors have a olive green undertone and 4 different ways to cover gray. It also gives up to 70% coverage on all hair colors. The line also has Aloe-Vera in the color to reduce fading, increase shine and condition while it colors. I loved this lines vivid reds and their high lift series. I also love that this color line uses a number system to tell you your color, so you know exactly how much of a certain pigment (such as red or gold) is incorporated in one single color.( I will most def. be placing an order for some of this color to try out in the salon)  I am also super excited to order from their demi lines, which I will use for great pastel hues in color, toners, and to enrich color. 

While at the show the only thing I purchased was this great eco-friendly HUGE round brush ( for my Hollywood blow outs of course) and a Bio-Silk foiling comb (My favorite) 
I do plan  on keeping in touch with this company (PARIS BEAUTY SUPPLY) and I also spoke with Jackie one on one about the chance to platform for REF of Sweden. 
Along with a great class, I also got to network with a lot of stylist and salon owners in the area, which I enjoyed. 
I can not wait to get back in the salon today and try out all of my new techniques and business knowledge I gathered from this class. I love attending any type of continuing education class, its almost like it gives me a boost in my stylist world!
If you would like to check out the REF of Sweden product like click here

Friday, February 8, 2013

Shear Passions: In my little (diamond) black bag

Shear Passions: In my little (diamond) black bag: Hello gorgeous!  I hope today finds you all enjoying your  day! Lately I've been reading a lot of post about what people carry in their e...

In my little (diamond) black bag

Hello gorgeous! 

I hope today finds you all enjoying your  day! Lately I've been reading a lot of post about what people carry in their everyday beauty bags. && I must say I have enjoyed it. It is very interesting to know what some of my favorite beauty bloggers carry on a daily biases for themselves.So I figured I would jump on the ban-wagon and see what you all think of the things I carry in my bag.
I hope you all enjoy :)

Let me start by saying this, I do not not normally carry a "little black bag." I only carry one on days that I work out before work, if  have a special events to attend  after work, or a night out with my girls. :) Although, some of these items I threw in my bag for you all today I DO carry with me at all times. & have to have some of them.

The have to have's:

Lets start with the Women's one a day and Biotin 500Mg. As you all know these are both vitamins  The one a day being a multi-vitamin, and the Biotin being a hair, skin and nails vitamin.  I like to think I am some what healthy (even if I do live on energy drinks, and stacker 2's.) which is why I choose to take the multi-vitamin.  It also kind-of guards my immune system in these cold winter months when everyone is sick.
Many people ask if I truly believe in taking the Biotin to make your hair grow faster. (The primary reason I take it.) & the answer is YES! I have been taking Biotin for years now, and I really think it works. You have to remember though, you have to take it every day to really see the effects. Of course I don't think my hair is growing fast enough (who does ??), but I can tell a huge difference in how quickly it grows, and so can people. I personally can tell the biggest difference (day to day) in my nails.
I take one each of these daily. ( & I always have a few on hand in case I forget to take them in the morning.)
Moving right down the line is the best perfume ever. Couture La La by Juicy Couture. ( the small glass roller ball to the right of the biotin.) I grabbed this roller ball on my last make up haul from Sephora with Miss.Tiffany Faith. I always always have to smell all new perfumes in a place like that. & I always catch myself smelling every single one until my nose burns.  I used to wear Viva La Juicy all the time, and I love it, but once you wear something for a while it kind of gets old. So, when the sales lady told me to try this one I fell in love. (& no worries I plan on grabbing the big bottle next time I am there.) It reminds me a bit of the Viva La Juicy with a twist, its not quite as heavy or warm smelling. ( if that makes since) instead, it has a floral, fresh flirty smell. This stays in my pocketbook 24/7 & I love the roller ball part, it makes it easy to just roll on before my day and It stays a little longer.
Beside the roller ball we have the BUXOM LIP PLUMPER/GLOSS. I actually picked this up the same day as the Couture La La. I normally do not spend a ton of money on lip gloss because I typically never use it. Buuutttt since I got this gloss I can't stop using it. It's almost second nature to just reach in my purse and grab it @ any time. It is a plumper so it has a tremendous amount of tingle (which I love.) & smells delicious, oh & gives my lips a beautiful color and shine while plumping. 
The next have to have is my EOS hand lotion. Because of my career (Hairstylist) I have my hands in water multiple times a day. That added to the cold, drying winter air makes for awful dry hands on Saturday afternoon (if I'm not careful) I'm talkin' sore, almost bleeding. oouuccchhhh! The Eos lotion is great for dry skin, and smells awesome. (Just like cucumber melon  It almost has a body butter type of feel. It also works great on my tattoo & elbows. 
Lastly but certainly not least is my HAIRSPRAY. ( RUSK W8LESS extra strong hold) I wouldn't be a dye-heart (get it.) hairstylist if I didn't have hairspray with me at all times. I like the Rush w8less because it does not have a super strong hold, which makes it perfect for touch-ups throughout the day. & the smell is wonderful. It also works great for smoothing fly aways, and keeping your hair loosely styled.  ((SIDE NOTE: Did you know, hair spray can also work as a setting spray for your make up??)

Well that leaves us with the products I must have in my "little black bag" when I carry it. 
PEARATIN nourishing oil treatment. (The gold bottle all the way to the right) This is a hair and body oil made by LOMA. A fellow stylist that I worked with introduced this life saver to me just about a month ago. I had gotten myself terribly burnt in the tanning bed (..I know.. in January) & I asked her what the best product over all to put moisture back in your skin. She automatically grabbed this one and told me to try it out on my tanning bed burnt face. It is made with rich vitamins, tons of fruit oils, and anti-oxidants, which makes it great for your skin and hair. I use Pearatin once daily on my face,arms and in my hair. I also love the way it smells, & it leaves my skin silky smooth and shiny. I have yet to try it, but I bet it would also work great as an additive in a deep conditioning treatment.  I take this to the gym with me because I use it right before using my facial tint, which makes the tint go on smoother and give my skin a natural shine. & in case I get burnt again.
I normally don't have time to do my full make up after a morning at the gym, so I just grab my make up must haves & I'm ready to go. Here they are :)
Speaking of my facial tint, that is found in my "little black bag." I use TIGI facial tint daily (when I am home) & I take it with me to the gym for when I do  my make up afterwards. A facial tint is pretty much like a liquid foundation but way way thinner. I love the tigi facial tint because although it is thinner than and average liquid foundation it gives my skin great coverage. I have been using the same facial tint for almost a year now, all throughout summer and winter months it still gives my face just the right amount of coverage.
Next up is my Mary Kay facial powder. I mix natural ivory with a light bronze to achieve my skin color and give added bronzing pigment. It also gives great coverage without looking like I caked make up on my face.
Moving on to my eyes! All I need for those is a little mascara and eyeliner. I use TIGI black eyeliner, daily. I have been using this product for almost 2 years. It is wonderful  I am a huge fan of dramatic, dark, true to color eyeliner. & this one is all of those. Also I do not have trouble with it running..It last all day and stays in place. 
Lastly my Urban Decay big fatty lashes mascara. I picked it up at sephora on one of my first trips there, and I have used it every day sine. I have thin, short little eye lashes & this mascara separates  lengthens and add volume to my lashes. It is also a black and is true to color. 

With just these few things in my little black bag, my skin, hair, and make up are perfect. Which makes for a happy me. For more information on any of these products just leave me a comment & I will send you a link with more information. 
* If you are interested in any of the TIGI make- up line, I will be glad to send you information & you can also buy it from me. 
Whats in your little black bag??
Stay beautiful ya'll,
Stylist Felicia Kiker

Monday, February 4, 2013



February Monthly Newsletter

Everyone knows February is all about love. Everywhere you look this time of year you see love in the air, surrounded by all of the hearts, pink candies, bears and cards everywhere! This month I'm going to tell you how to show your hair some LOVE. Also how to keep the vivacious REDS in your hair longer as well as PINK's (as seen above) (& other fashion colors)  & Don't forget the holy crap moments that go on day to day in the salon that are sure to make you laugh!

So before your big date or night at home with your lover buns, why not show your hair some lovin' (Yes, I just typed that :) )With healthy hair you can enjoy your color service lasting longer, and your color remaining vivid and dimensional. No more split ends  making you almost pull your hair out when you comb or brush it. Also once you get your hair to the point of being healthy, your hair will grow a lot faster. ( & everyone wants long hair)

The first step towards healthy hair is a good deep conditioning treatment. I am a huge fan of the  SSS Keratin color-lock treatment.  A keratin treatment like this will leave your hair silky smooth, shiny and will lock in your color, and get your hair to the point of being super healthy. (I offer this color lock keratin treatment as an add on service to ANY service.)  To learn more about Keratin Click here ! I also love ITS A 10's full line. Which consist of deep conditioning treatments (with and with out keratin , leave in conditioners and styling aids for normal and some specially formulated for thin hair. It's a 10 is a company that is based around keeping your hair healthy. In fact, if I remember correctly, when I was first introduced to the line (A few years ago) they only had leave in conditioners and hair mask. (I also offer the ITS A 10 keratin and deep penetrating hair mask as an add on service.)CLICK HERE to learn more about It's A 10
A great home remedy (for almost anything) and MOST DEF one of my favorite things to use for hair and skin is the famous COCONUT OIL! I do not choose to use coconut oil on my hair but I do use it in a home made body scrub and also to moisturise my body. You can do anything from just melt plain coconut oil and apply to your hair. (Leave it on for about 15-30 minutes) to mixing the oil with other things. You will find some good recipes @ the bottom of this post ;) 

Once you are giving your hair the necessary conditioning elements, it is very important you remember you HAVE to trim your hair!  I know.. I know.. no one wants to do it, buuutttt even if you only get just a tad bit cut every 6 weeks you are doing something. Also getting a trim helps to keep your ends looking fresh, and will also help in the styling process. (A lot of my clients tell me they know they need a trim whenever their hair will not style as usual.)
If you are looking to grow your hair as quick as possible, look into a multivitamin or Biotin (a hair, skin, and nails vitamin). I normally take one of each everyday. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and maintain a healthy diet. (I know it sounds crazy, but I think it really does work) 
Lastly, be careful what products you or your stylist chooses on your hair. Everyone has a different hair type, therefore each hair type will react to things differently. Be very cautious when bleaching your hair or getting highlights. (Ask your stylist opinion on if your hair and withstand the bleach, and what volume developer she is using.) && I recommend ALL of my clients get a conditioning treatment after any chemical service. (ESP bleaching) PLEASE DO NOT try to bleach your hair at home, that is just asking for a disaster for you! (Promise)   Also let your stylist know of any medications you may be on,as this can lead to a difference in your color results. 
MAKE SURE WHEN YOU FLAT IRON, that you have a heat protector!!! I know we all turn our flat irons up to the highest heat setting possible (even when were told not to.)  All of that heat going directly on your hair can and WILL take its toll on your strands! 


Because it is February and everywhere you see red.. that just reminds me of how everyone loves a red head. :) But the color red is the hardest natural (or unnatural) hair color to get to hold in the hair shaft. This is because the color molecules that make up the RED hair color are huge. Which means they do not hold well in the hair shaft.. all it means to you is .. YOUR HAIR IS FADING AGAIN! & That is extremely frustrating (I am a red head btw) From my experience, these few tips are some of the best ways I keep my REDs from fading ( & will also work for most all fashion colors)
Of course the best way to start and the most important thing in keeping color in your hair is having HEALTHY HAIR. :) 
1. When you get your hair colored, be sure to ask your stylist for a cuticle sealer or a color holding treatment. (I normally do both)
(seals your cuticle down over your hair shaft and seals the color in. Ex:SSS Keratin color seal treatment)
2.Also if your stylist offers, get a clear color gloss put on top of your color.
(this is just another way to keep as much of your color sealed in your hair shaft, and also makes your hair super shinny and feeling great!) 
3. Make sure you are NOT washing your hair everyday. 
(Not only is this living your RED longevity, it is also giving your scalp the natural oils it needs.)
4. When you condition your hair, make sure to rinse your conditioner with a COOL temperature. 
(This again seals your cuticle) 
5. In between going to see your stylist for color, go see her for a red color glaze.
(This is very important with in the first year. Going to get a color glaze freshens up your color without having to get it all done all over again & paying more money than you need to. It also deposits more red into you hair shaft each time, which will make it harder for your red to fade.) 


In a small town salon with 6 stylist and people from all walks of life coming in, there are bound to be things that happen on a daily bases that are too funny not to share. Each month I plan to pick out what I think takes the cake and will have you all laughing! 
Meet Wendy. She is a stylist I work with daily. She is a beautiful blonde with the most bubbly and happy personality whom is AMAZING at what she does. (She can seriously color circles around me)
Not too long ago Wendy was not acting like her normal self and was actually acting a little crazy. Walking side ways, walking into walls while talking, and saying she was dizzy. This had everyone at the salon a little scared of what could possibly be wrong. We all tried to figure out things amongst ourselves about what could be wrong and decided that day she should go to the doctor. Of-course she didn't  and the next day she was totally fine. A few days after this Wendy decides to tell us all she mistook a sleeping pill (she was going to take on her flight to Honduras, because she gets nervous when flying)  for a fluid pill. & had taken it the morning she was running into everything.... :)

Until next time, Stay beautiful!
-Stylist Felicia Kiker