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For those of you who don't already know. I spent my Monday in an all day (8 hour) hair BOOT CAMP! It was provided by PARIS BEAUTY SUPPLY as well as REF. of Sweden color line and PRO RITUALS. 
In the photo above you will find me standing with REF. educator Jackie Yates ( on my right.) Whom used to educate and platform for Goldwell, and also has had his work displayed in Modern Salon magazine.) To my very left you will see the young girl with red hair. I am not sure about her name. ( A different educator was supposed to come but his mother got sick.) And to her left is color and product expert Katrina Ozment. She has traveled anywhere, from Georgia to Vegas with her product knowledge and color techniques.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this entire class. There wasn't a dull moment with these educators, and they were all so very nice and knowledgeable.  Mr.Yates went over with all of us the basics of hair styling and coloring. (face shape, body type, hair texture, facial features etc.) To ensure that I give YOU the most individualized cut and color to suite not only your face shape but also little things you wouldn't consider [ie. eye shape,lip shape, silhouette etc] I will never forget him telling us "the eyes are the gate way into the soul"** Did you know now I can look into YOUR eyes and tell you what colors are going to look the best on you, and around how long it is going to take your hair to lift** He showed me most importantly, just how much we as hair stylist can change someones day or life. It made me sit back and think about the small things I can do for my clients to show them that I care about them and their families.
 He also taught me a few NEW COLORING TECHNIQUES I can't WAIT to use. (such as the PERL BLONDE everyone is loving.) && how to highlight REDS with BLACK to make them POP!&& A few new haircuts I also can't wait to try out!  (More blogs to come regarding those)  Along with a few tips on what to add with my color to condition as it is coloring & pure pigments to add to colors to add depth or give the color a different hue.
The Red headed girl ( so sorry I don't know her name) gave great tips on the HOLLYWOOD BLOWOUT! (Which I will be running specials on VERY SOON! It consist of a lot of volume at the crown (top/ back part of head) and how to do the natural curly flips all of the movie starts are wearing these days.As well as how to blow dry and style hair with out picking up my flat iron. She also did a small segment on MENS CUTS. I think I am pretty fluent in mens cuts, but she pointed out to me that they too, want the experience. So I grabbed a few tips from her on the little things I can start doing for my male clientele to keep them cleaned up and coming back. Also a great tip on blending out all sides and angles for face shape.
Ms.Katrina didn't do too much talking through-out the class. BUT afterwards, I asked her about the part of the class where she was going to talk about building your business and product sales. Do you believe after the class she took and extra 20 mins just to explain those things to me personally. That meant a SUPER lot to me.  We had a one on one conversation on ways to build up my business and ways to present my products to my clients.
The color line that was used in this class is REF. OF SWEDEN. It is a line that was founded in Sweden. They carry a full product line for all hair types. ( & it is matched identically with what your hair needs with a number system) The line also has a full permanent and demi permanent color line. (which is what I am more interested in) All of the colors have a olive green undertone and 4 different ways to cover gray. It also gives up to 70% coverage on all hair colors. The line also has Aloe-Vera in the color to reduce fading, increase shine and condition while it colors. I loved this lines vivid reds and their high lift series. I also love that this color line uses a number system to tell you your color, so you know exactly how much of a certain pigment (such as red or gold) is incorporated in one single color.( I will most def. be placing an order for some of this color to try out in the salon)  I am also super excited to order from their demi lines, which I will use for great pastel hues in color, toners, and to enrich color. 

While at the show the only thing I purchased was this great eco-friendly HUGE round brush ( for my Hollywood blow outs of course) and a Bio-Silk foiling comb (My favorite) 
I do plan  on keeping in touch with this company (PARIS BEAUTY SUPPLY) and I also spoke with Jackie one on one about the chance to platform for REF of Sweden. 
Along with a great class, I also got to network with a lot of stylist and salon owners in the area, which I enjoyed. 
I can not wait to get back in the salon today and try out all of my new techniques and business knowledge I gathered from this class. I love attending any type of continuing education class, its almost like it gives me a boost in my stylist world!
If you would like to check out the REF of Sweden product like click here

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