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I hope the first few weeks of March finds you all well. I have been busy getting all of my spring plans made and focusing on my new color line. (Beth Minardi) Also, my little sister is in town this week, and I have been spending most of my time with her since I don't get to see her often, and she is one of my very best friends. 
As much as I love my job and the art of coloring and cutting hair, I also LOVE make up products! I could shop for make up ALL DAY LONG, and even more if I had my side kick Miss.Tiffany Faith with me! :) In the past month I have been picking up a few items here and there. I decided instead of doing each item or each couple of items alone I would compile them altogether for you! 
So lets get to it! :)
Lets start with my FAVORITE! The Too Faced Boudoir palette. I have had it for quite some time now, & I LOVE IT! The shades are not as bold as some of my shades in the Natural eye palette  but I think this one is PERFECT for the grey smokey eye. & it has a few dark purple shades, which are great for green eyes! Too Faced is one of my favorite brands of eye shadow because, there have such a wide variety of shades that last all day. (of course with the use of urban decay primer) I have to say my favorite shades are Lap Dance (a deep purple with minimum shimmer,great for adding a little color to a smokey eye & also brings out light brown and green eyes!) French Tickler ( a true black with gold flakes. I love to use this one to add a little drama to the outside corner or in unison with garter belt for a grey smokey eye.) Garter belt ( a light matte grey, I can't help but use with every smokey eye!) and Birthday Suit (a light pink with shimmer, great for a highlight!)

If you look on top of the palette you will see the TIGI  eye shadow blending brush I picked up just a few weeks ago. Although it says blending I use it to apply my crease color. The bristles are soft but very firm (if that makes since)  which makes the distinct line I like for my crease color. & I use it to blend everything out when I get done with my look. :) I use alot of TIGI make up products and I have to say they are a NEVER FAIL brand. I love it!

Ok lets move to the back line!(so to speak) On the far left there is LASH BLAST from Cover girl  I have been told by many many make up artist that this stuff is the BEST! So when I was having an issue with my UD clumping up I grabbed it. & they were right. It is great! I like to use it with my UD and also with my TIGI mascara sometimes. Even if I use it last it usually un-clumps my lashes and doesn't give me spider lashes. & It also works great by itself. ( I would use it alone on a day I don't wear any make up except eyeliner and mascara.)

Beside that we have the Maybelline Stiletto liquid eye liner. I am not big on liquid eye liner.. but this was on sale.. and everyone knows I love clearance! I have tried it once or twice & I really like it. Unlike most liquid eye liners the applicator isnt super flimsy, it is firm and makes putting the eye liner on super easy. Also the liner goes on smooth and drys pretty quick! I can't say I will use it on myself ( I just don't like the look) But I will DEF. use it on some of my summer brides & in some pin up shoots.

On the same day I got the Stiletto liner I also picked up the Telescopic explosion mascara made by loreal. Again something I wouldn't normally buy.. but it was on sale also. It is water proof and is used to expand the lashes at the ends of your eyes. (like at the far right or far left.) & check out that brush!! I think it works pretty good & def gets in those hard to reach areas (like right at your nose)& expands the corner lashes beautifully . but I honestly do not take the time to go back through my corner lashes, I will how ever use this on my brides as well!

Next lets talk about the Sorme oil free eye make up remover. I got this at my local Cosmo Prof ( for professionals only) store. I was in need of a make up remover esp for my eyes. I like this one, it is very gentle and gets the job done. I have to say my only complaint is, once I have whipped the same area more than twice, it starts to burn. Although it could be the fact that I have dry skin anyway & I normally wear alot of eye make up and eye liner. The smell is great and like I said, it works great. ( just burns a bit after the first clean up I guess.) The make up remover is the only product I have used from Sorme line, but I will pick more of them up to try soon!

Beside the make up remover is the physicians formula green pigmented concealer and face primer. I normally love physicians formula, however, this product I am not crazy about. I'm not sure if it was because when I bought it I thought it was something different ( a combo of green, yellow and natural colors, because the brush is those 3 colors.) & I was thinking it would be a little thicker. It does go on very smooth, and is pretty shear. I would recommend using it under another concealer and not as a primer.(Unless you have a very red face or rosacea) I have to say I still use it from time to time under my eyes, but I top it of with the Rimmel match perfection (which we will talk about soon) So.. me not liking it could just be me being super picky, but If I were going to buy a concealer from physicians formula I would buy the small bottles of the yellow,pink and green. ( I used to have some and THEY WORK GREAT!) 

Next up is the Revive make up blender. Please do not ask me why I bought this.. I know it is all the rave.. but I have no idea how to use it.. I have tried to to blend my concealer and it works awesome & feels great on my skin & blends out concealer perfect without any lines. I know you can use it to do contouring.. (which I am supposed to be learning and posting a video about soon) So you guys just keep a look out for that and maybe Miss.Tiffany Faith can teach the both of us!

Lastly is the Rimmell match perfection concealer. I picked this up the other day at wal mart. I love it. I don't usually use a concealer  but I needed one for my bags. (lol) It is not only a concealer but it can also be used as a highlighter. The shade matches my skin perfectly. (maybe like half a shade lighter, but once you blend it, it does the job and looks great!) It is not a heavy concealer like most and goes on very smooth. I also like the applicator, you just squeeze the tube and the product comes out of the end just a little bit at a time, so you don't waste it! 

All in all I am happy with all of the products in this HAUL! Keep an eye out for a review of two new hair products I am carrying in the salon. Also my full BETH MINARDI 411 ( I have a webinar class with her next Monday and I can't wait! ) & my spring forward favorites are all coming up! 

Live everyday beautifully! 
-Yours truly :)

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