Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MY favorite 2013 Oscar hairstyles!

Hello LOVES! <3
I know it has taken me a few days to get my 2013 Oscar hairstyle loves posted. I did not get a chance to watch the Oscars, but I have been updated VIA the great websites and the Oscar website (which is were all of my pictures came from) I feel like a persons hair is a reflection of their personality and  speaks volumes. (weather is to make a statement or simply show their beauty)

Lets start with my absolute favorite style!
I love this some what 60's inspired curly look. Ms.Reese Witherspoon really captures the modern day pin up style. I love her slight finger waves at the top all the way down to the beautiful curling iron finger waves (yes I made that up) on the bottom. & Lets face it Reese Witherspoon rocks her color so well. She is practically the epitome of bombshell platinum blondes! To the right you will see Ms.Catherine Zeta-Jones with a looser and more barrel curl, with some what of a retro twist. I think the little flip in her side bang really brings it out. & I love that her hair has a curled look but doesn't look too over done or curly and still looks smooth, silky and beautiful. Her color is also a great plus, it goes great with her skin tone and wonderfully with her dress. 
While were on the subject of long beautiful locks, lets move on to Ms.Lucy Alibar. I love her long big bouncy curls. ( Again looks like it was done with a big barrel curling iron) I love how the left side of her hair looks like it is all one big curl! ( This look is very easy to achieve esp to people with hair on the thinner side. I am also IN LOVE with her color. A little darker on top and it looks like it has been Baliage'd (If that is a word) Which is a coloring technique similar to ombe, but a lot more natural and looks gorgeous  ( I just used this coloring technique on Miss.Tiffany Faith ( you should hound her for photos :)) && On  the bottom she has the PERFECT honey/ caramel blonde. ( I would love to have this formula)

Speaking of beautiful color. HOW MANY OF YOU GUYS HAVE ASKED ME ABOUT KELLY OSBOURNE'S PURPLE HAIR! My thoughts- I LOVE IT! Notice the silver highlights through the top! (That has to be my favorite part) & that purple is a beautiful lilac color that is very dimensional and also goes great with her skin tone. Random thought, I love that you always see Kelly with bright red lipstick and she ROCKS IT. She has a beautiful round face, any style, and cut and pretty much ANYTHING looks great on her! To the left check out this rockin, sexy short style worn by Ms. Charlize Theron. I love her confidence with this cut and style. It is soo crazy how a shorter, flirty little style is just as beautiful as long curly locks, and wayyyy more fun! I'm also loving her color ( Even with a bit of the roots showing, which I'm sure was intended) & I am digging that dress!
Check out this glamours bun Ms.Kristin Chenoweth is wearing. These are soo popular this year. And surprisingly enough, there not hard to do at all. I love her color also. (duh)( If she had her hair down you could see that her roots are a little darker then her ends, and her ends also have that beautiful caramel honey blonde that I rave about!  Her style is very well put together and goes great again with her face shape. I am loving the sleekness to this style, being pulled back tightly into a nice fluffy little bun. (reminds me of a ballerina.Wanna learn how to recreate this look?  CLICK HERE!

Next up is Ms.Helena Bonnam. I actually like this slightly messy up do! (minus the one random flower or whatever it is in the front) She wears it very nicely. It looks like a technique us stylist call sewing (which I have yet to master.) But none the less it turns out beautifully and you have NO BOBBY PINS! I also love the loose curls around the edges to give it more of a elegant look.  Last but BY FAR NOT LEAST, My FAVORITE lady EVER! Ms.Jennifer Aniston. ( to your left) I think she is the most beautiful lady on this earth, and she does it soo effortlessly! Check out her blonde locks with a slightly darker low light, Also the bright blonde at her temples to brighten up her face! & How she just rocks the straight down look @ the Oscars! Ahhh I love her!  

Wellp yall, there you have it! MY OSCAR FAVORITES. With some cool little tricks on how to recreate them yourself! I hope you all enjoyed it! [All photos used were found on]
Stay Beautiful! :)

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