Sunday, March 17, 2013

Joico Dry Shampoo and Joimist Firm review

Hello loves! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and happy St. Patrick's day! I actually got a mini weekend vacation (which hardly ever happens.) and definitely got to relax a little & had a blast!

So most of you know, I have been looking into new product lines to carry in the salon. This far I only have 1 full line set in stone Rock Your Hair. Which is a complete volume line (That I LOVE!) by Michael O'Roure.

 I figure the best way to find a new product line is, to pick and choose products from different product lines that I would normally use on my hair on a day to day bases, and try them out!This way I know personally all about the product, and give opinions from my personal experience as well as professional experience.  & why not tell you guys about it! :)

Last week I picked up a bottle of Joico dry shampoo and Joimist firm hairspray while at cosmo!I have actually been looking for a new dry shampoo here lately. I have tried many volume powders which double as a dry shampoo. (like Bombsell big hair powder) which work great. I just wanted to try a light weight dry shampoo to freshen my hair up on the days I do not shampoo. As for the hairspray.. every girl needs a can of hairspray @ all times! :) & they came in a package deal, so why not.

I have loved all of the joico products I have came across, and I use their color line!(Along with Beth Minardi) I also carry in the K-PAK line in the salon & I swear by it. ( I plan to keeping it in the salon also:)) So I was super stoked about trying my new products  out! These particular products come from joicos newly packaged Style and Finish products. Which also consist of texture cream, gel, and styling foam. What I love about this full line is, it not only works to style and finish or freshen up your look, but also improves your hairs condition.

Lets start with my personal favorite of the two. The Instant Refresh dry shampoo. Like I mentioned before, I have really been thinking about trying a new dry shampoo. I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days. & I don't have an oily scalp at all so I don't have a problem with super oily hair, but it does get a little oily on the 3rd day. So I figured I would use the dry shampoo  once in a while, BUT since I have had it, I have used it every day that I do not normally shampoo my hair. ( And sometimes even after I shampoo and blow dry) I LOVE LOVE IT! It is very light weight and smells amazing. ( It smells very fresh and the smell last ALL DAY!) It gives me just a tad big of lightweight volume at the roots and freshens my hair from roots to ends. I typically; spray a little at my crown and around my part (on day 3 lol) , flip my head upside down and spray all throughout, flip back over, brush through it, and my hair is perfect! I also love that it gives me just a small amount of lift with out adding too much bulk right at my roots. & It leaves the ends of my hair super soft in the mornings.  This would be a great product for anyone with all hair types. From thick to thin and dry to oily. & clients who think the bombshell powder is a little too heavy. It would also work great as a pick me up (1/2 way through your day for a little volume or a quick fix before a night out!) I have also used it after working out at the gym. I now have a can in my gym bag, one at home and tons in the salon! :)

I also like the Joimist Firm hairspray. It is a strong hold hairspray (hold factor of 09) (Notice: on most any professional product bottle you will see a hold factor. Typically the higher the number, the higher the amount of hold or flexibility the product will give you.) The hairspray also smells great and holds up great! I don't usually use a strong hold hairspray unless I am rockin a super cute bump or holding in curl. But of the ones I have tried I love this one. It has great hold and is humidity resistant and doesn't dry my hair out! It also leaves my hair feeling soft, but doesn't soften my curl too much. I use it after I have  finished style that I don't want to move, as a finishing spray. (look forward to my upcoming blog ALL ABOUT WHAT TYPE OF HAIRSPRAY IS BEST FOR YOUR STYLE!)

After trying both of these I am stoked about trying out the rest of Joico's product lines, and possibly adding one to my collection!  For more info on Joico products visit If you are interested in trying any of these products or have any questions or comments leave them :)

I will leave you all with a quote I just read a few minutes ago from Mr.Micheal O'Rourke (kind of random.. I know)

"If you really can do beautiful art and you can love the people around you, you will make it!"

<3 Stay Gorgeous!

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