Thursday, April 18, 2013

SPRING 2013 favorite's

Hello loves!

Most of the time when the seasons change, I start changing my perfume. You all know my favorite perfume this past winter was Juicy Couture Couture La La, but now it is warming up and time to change it up a bit. Some of my favorite fragrances come out during spring! & most of them  come from Bath and Body works. I am a sucker for a " island-ish kind of smell. (lol) So I grabbed a few of my favorites from there and some of my all time fav's & figured I would share them with you all.

Lets start with the Bath and Body stuff. (daisy dream girl body spray and lotion, RIO rumberry lotion & Bali mango body scrub) I have to say my favorite smell out of all of them for spring is the daisy dream girl (which would be why I have the body spray and lotion) it has a very light, clean, floral smell. If you have ever smelled while cherry blossom, I think the two are almost the exact same. & I love body cream from bath and body bc it is a lot thicker and more moisturising than lotion and you can just throw it in your bag, & it smells amazing!
I also got a Rio rumberry body cream. A friend of mine had it about a year ago when I went with her to a dirt bike race for the weekend & It smelled amazing!(& look at the cheetah print bottle!) It has more of a fruity and heavier smell than the dream girl. In my opinion I think it is more suited for winter coming into spring.. ( like end of February-March & you could even use it on a spring night.)
The Rio rumberry is part of the 2013 escape collection, (so you can only get it once a year) along with the body scrub I picked up. Its called Bali mango. I love body scrubs in winter and spring. With the weather warming up, the flip flops are coming out. (one of my favorite things about spring.) Which means its time for pedis and cute toe nail polish. I use the scrub on the bottoms of my feet in between pedis and sometimes as a body wash. It is great tool to use to polish your skin. Also if you have an event, and need a spray tan, you can use the body scrub the night before to prepare for the spay tan and make it spray on more even.
One of my all time lotion favorites in spring is the vaseline aloe fresh lotion ( & the hawaiian tropic lime coolada after sun moisturiser. not pictured.) I spend a lot of time outside of work, in the sun during the spring and summer. Both of these lotions are great for sunburn!! The aloe fresh of course has aloe in it which is great to calm down any burn. But I have to say the lime coolada is my favorite, it actually cools down your skin when you get out of the sun.. kind of burns a little bit at first.. but it is worth it. I promise!
To the far right is one of my most favorite perfumes EVER! It smells alot more like a stronger perfume than body spray. Very clean and fresh. I typically keep it in my purse and use it constantly. It comes from Victoria Secret. I also love this bottle.
Then you have the Pink Ice from Rue 21. I love love love that store, even though every time I go in I spend too much money. I haven't used it too much this year, but I used to all the time last year. It has kind of a heavy, sugary kind of smell. & it is great to layer with!
What fragrances are your favorites around spring time?
Keep an eye out for tomorrows blog ALL ABOUT HAIR, which is what I know yall really look at this blog for. ;) Everything from my favorite colors of spring to the best hair care products to use when you're in the sun.


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