Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer 2013 hair blast off!

Hello loves!
I think it is safe to say Summer 2013 is officially upon us! Wooo Hoo! Here's to the super fun vacations, sittin by the pool, family cook outs, and lake trips. I myself am excited, summer is one of my personal favorite seasons. (minus the flies and humidity.) Although, with the change of the seasons comes new fashion,  hairstyles and colors, oh & don't forget some of the hair issues that go along with this season in particular.

To kick off summer the right way in the "hair" world, each week I will be posting a blog dedicated to summer hair colors, cuts, styles ( with great how to's),  and my favorite summer products. Also be looking forward to my sweet little in between post ( like fashion trends, nail polishes, make up etc)

So, lets get started with my favorite part of my job, COLOR!

Normally when you think summer colors you automatically think lighter and brighter. Which is 100% right. I would say at least 75% of my client base ask to be lighter during the summer months. Lucky for you all, I've found some amazing new color trends for this year.
My personal favorite  new summer color trend is Balayage. If you are familiar with ombre, balayage is kind of similar. It is pretty much painting on your highlights. Which gives the stylist way more room to be artistic while creating a beautiful natural looking but bold highlight. One of the things I love about balayage is it automatically brightens up a persons face and draws you into their eyes.  This is a great way for you to brighten up for the summer without doing the typical highlight. Also this trend can be very versatile (if that makes since.) meaning, you can go from very simple and elegant to bold, easily. && it looks great with every color. (check out the amazing golden balayage on Ms.Jessica Biel on the right.)
To the left is a photo of the balayage process. How cool is that, right!? I have to say different stylist do it different ways. I prefer painting my hair on a board and separating the layers of hair with saran wrap.
Either way I think it is a beautiful way to highlight hair. Oh, and another plus, there isn't much upkeep! :)

Another one of my favorite colors this year is the "blondette" Its a great way to lighten up your hair all over, but still keep your brown tones and the roots. Adding some brown throughout while making the mid shaft to ends of your hair lighter. I have done this color trend on a few of my clients and they as well as myself have absolutely loved it!( Mrs.Buffy is one of my wonderful clients pictured on the left:)) I think this color is beautiful especially
in wavy hair.  It really shows off the hills and valleys of curly hair.I would recommend this color for anyone who wants a drastic change but wants to keep the basis of their hair the same. Or for someone who would like to try going blonde all over soon and just wants to see how they would look lighter all over. This is also a color trend that has very low maintenance.  && (side note) Notice how J. Lo's blonde isn't extremely blonde and has a light color to it,that is a color or color glaze over top of her highlights. Putting a color or color glaze is a great way to add an extra barrier over top of your blonde to protect it from the effects of summer.

And also as trend that has been slowly making a come back I think finally has. FASHION COLORS!
 I have always been a huge fan of bright crazy fashion colors in hair! What I am loving about this season is, people are wearing fashion colors as just another hair color & totally rocking it. The only one thing that I do not like about fashion colors is the fact that they fade. & they fade alot faster than a normal color does. BUT lucky me, I was just introduced to a new color line from Goldwell called Elumen. It is a long lasting fashion color. In fact, the only way to get it out is to use a particular product that comes with the line called remove. I would suggest this type of color for someone who is looking for a big change and whose job doesn't mind "non-typical colors" Also for someone who either only wants to do fashion colors for a few weeks (which I would suggest extensions for) Or someone who wants to rock them for a while. In which case you would use the Elumen.

Now, lets talk about your color ( no matter what color) and the effects the summer will have on it. Some of you have heard me say this before, but, your hair is like a straw. Especially when it has been bleached. Which means it will soak up anything ( pool water, salt water,chlorine, the sun etc) It is normally not a good idea to get your hair done right before you go on vacation or somewhere you will be swimming. ( I would suggest at least two weeks before. Or your best bet would be to wait until you get back home.) Everyone knows what happens when blonde hair soaks up chlorine. ( it turns a nice green or sometimes even blue) & Even if you do wait a few weeks after getting your hair done to go to the beach you may still experience this problem. The best way to prevent it is to wet your hair and put in a lightweight conditioner or a leave in before getting in the pool. Buuuttt if this happens to you, the best way to get green ( or blue) out of your hair is to shampoo it with 4-6 baby asprin and a clarifying shampoo.  Also the sun itself can cause your hair to fade MAJORLY! (Even if it is not your natural hair color) The best way to prevent this is to simply wear a hat when you are outside. Also the sun can dry your hair out especially if your hair has been bleached or lightened. (A lightweight moisture shampoo and conditioner is best for this :))

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As always, keep your head held up high and your hair BIG!
-Stylist Felicia <3

Sunday, June 2, 2013

S Factor wonderful tonight review

Hello beautiful! 

A few weeks ago I posted a pic of a new overnight conditioning treatment I have been using (wonderful tonight by S Factor from TIGI) With the weather getting warm it is a great time to give your hair the added moisture the sun and dry air will take away. Also everyone seems to want to go lighter in the summer which is also a great reason to condition. I got lucky and this overnight treatment from my boss to try out.  &  it was amazing, let me tell you a little about the line it comes from.
S Factor is a high end line produced by TIGI. Which is a major brand in the hair industry that also carries lines like CATWALK and BEDHEAD, along with a makeup line (that I love!) Designed to exemplify female beauty, and top of the line hair care. (learn about S-Factor here)

Let me start by saying, HOW CUTE IS THAT BOX! I have to say.. I was almost sold just by the box and the way the product is presented. Bbuuuutttt thats definitely not to look for especially not in a hair product. The wonderful tonight repairs extremely damaged hair and leaves it feeling soft and silky. Note though, that conditioner itself can only do so much for your hair. If you hair has "been through the ringer" the ONLY way to get it back to the way it should be is with a trim. Don't get me wrong, conditioning helps a whole lot but it is not the only way to get your hair back to its normal PH and the way it should be. Although it is proven to strengthen hair by three times.  
 It is a pretty lightweight conditioner. (Which means it would be great for someone with thin hair, who wants to condition but doesn't want their hair super greasy the next morning.) & did I forget to mention, it smells amazing! (If you haven't figured it out yet, I am huuugggeee on smells!) It smells very floral with a hint of vanilla. I loved the results I got with it. Along with the amazing smell, my hair was much smoother the next day and  more manageable to style. I would recommend this product to all of my clients. It is great for a little "pick me up" for your hair during the summer, if it is just a little dry. Or for someone who's hair needs help. (of course more than once along with other things.) It's super easy to use ( just wash your hair twice and put this in. Leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.) 
Since trying this over night leave in, I am def more inclined to buy more of the S Factor line. If you would like to try the S Factor wonderful tonight be sure to let me know! :)