Thursday, January 23, 2014

Miracle product Monday

Hey guys! I know I'm super late with this post, as per usual. (ugh, I've got to get better about that!) But I am terribly sorry. I've been slammed at the salon, and also working on revamping this full blog page,(which I know you all will love!) & I promise to try to do better! :)

Anyway, lets talk about the Miracle Product for this past Monday! So, I was thinking about exactly which product I was going to tell you guys about today & the PERFECT product came to mind. I just picked some up the other day!! (I completely forgot how awesome it really is) Its called Pearatin!

 I'm not sure if I have mentioned this to you guys at all or not but; this year I want make a master list of the BEST products for 2013! Some of them will be things I just happened to grab one day and try out & fall in love with. Some will be products I have used for years and swear by! (like the pearatin!!!) The goal is to have 12 great products for you guys to read about and also get special deals on! (anywhere from 20 - 50% off) each month. && at the end of the year I will be doing the full group of products for a blow out deal.  I plan on sharing one of these products with you guys monthly. Of course I will still do the #MPM on Mondays as well. Although, all of the BEST products of 2013 will be nothing but hair care. ( my favorite subject! :))

So I'm super super super excited about that & hope you guys are too!! (& I've got more exciting news to tell you all about later!) 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Miracle Product Mondays [ A kneading touch]

Hello loves!

I'm sure you guys have read on Facebook about the new post daily, one of which is miracle product 
Mondays! Each Monday I will pick a product that I absolutely love (weather it be for skin, nails, hair or make up.) & post a small product review for you guys. Some of the products may be home made with great DIY's & most of them you can get just by contacting me. 
Also this year I would like to share with you guys my 12 most used and favorite hair products of this year.(One each month)
Some of which I have used many years in a row and I have fallen in love with and some
that I may have just found and tried.&& Each product of the month I show you guys I will be running a special on so you can try it for yourself. 
 I will also keep you guys updated on product specials I am running 
at the salon or any specials I see on make up and skin care. 
Hope you guys enjoy reading this year as  much as I will enjoy sharing it with you all. 

This Monday I have decided to go a step further than a product.. well I guess she could still be considered a skin care and body rejuvenating product of some sort. LoL But I have been dying to tell you guys about one of my favorite things for my body and myself. That is to go see Mrs.Shelby Smith at A kneading Touch in Mint Hill.

I have been in the hair industry for about six years, and everyone knows I'm not the best at taking care of my body. (or wearing the right support shoes lol) Which has lead to back problems and aches and pains after a long days work.  I have found in the last year one of the best things for my body personally is to go see Mrs.Shelby and have a 60 minute Neuromuscular massage done. I wasn't aware till recently of all the other great things she offers at her massage studio in Mint Hill.

When I go see Shelby I also get her to do Massage Cupping on my face. It lifts and tightens my skin
as well as pulls up all of the dirt and gross stuff out of my pores. I was amazed at my results! Next week I will be sharing with you guys my daily affects from the facial cupping.
This is my face half with cupping done and half without!

 Cupping also has great benefits
for people with almost all types of heath problems such as fibromialagia, people recovering from surgical procedures. Also to new mothers who had a C section, or people with severe burns and scars. NO MATTER HOW OLD THE SCAR IS!!
Also cupping helps to break down stubborn knots and rough tissue in your upper back area. The benefits are endless!! 
 && One of the best parts to me is, it puts you in a relaxing
state of mind. Shelby always mixes eucalyptus with my oils because she knows how in love with it I am!! :)For more info on massage cupping Click here!

Shelby doesn't only incorporate essential oils in my cupping and massage but she also has a full list of
Aromatherapy massage she is great at! I had no idea until recently  how
essential oils really help your body in all types of ways.
Some of the most important benefits from essential oil massage are the affects on heart rate, breathing, digestive functions. The oils are also suuupppppeeerrr good for someone with high anxiety and stress levels. & They can also be used to sharpen your memory. (Who knew?)
Once the oils reach your skin they travel directly into you blood vessels and blood stream and take effect immediately. For a full list of certain types of oils and what they can do for your body
click here! 

Shelby is truly great at what she does, and has been a life saver for me! You guy should all check her out!

 Also be sure to double check my stylist page on Facebook for massage specials for Shelby and also the day each month she will be coming into the salon! 
** In the next few days I will be adding Shelby's list of essential oil massages as well as a price list and a full list of all of her services!
Stay beautiful guys, inside and out!

Ladies Only!!

Hello there loves,

I hope this Monday finds you all not too stressed and happy considering it is a Monday! 
I haven't blogged in quite sometime, but it is something I enjoyed doing and would like to start again this year. Only with a little twist. 

This year I am going to expand my blog to all things ladies love!! Like hair (of course), make up, skin, ladies health ( mentally and physically), fashion and much more.  You will now be able to read about not only hair and make up but things like ways to relax, the best ways to put yourself to sleep.  Also how to spot the newest trends, and how to shop on a budget. Make up tutorials (some mmmaaayyyybbbeee on youtube) and of course all of the things you already love about shearpassions. I can't wait to get started with all of this, I hope you  guys enjoy!!

I am contemplating changing the name of my blog. I love Shearpassions, but I don't think that is so fitting with the new additions. 
Any suggestions???

-your favorite stylist ;)