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                                        Hey there!

 I'm Felicia Kiker, a very passionate hairstylist in a small town outside of Charlotte, NC. 

 I have been in the beauty industry for six years, and I have loved it. I work in a small town called Midland at Studio 601. I adore my clients, you guys make my world turn! 

Starting in March this year I will also be working in a Salon called Studio U
 in the  Wesley Chapel area!

I spend most of my time in the salon or with my family. I was adopted when I was very young. My parents have a lot of health issues, so I spend alot of time helping them out and just hanging out with them! (There actually pretty awesome people, which I                                                     never would have said years ago!)

 One of things things I enjoy is traveling! ( I wish I could do more of it!) & I am beginning to see amazing beauty in nature!

I may seem like a complete girly girl but, when I am not at the salon or at home with family I love doing crazy redneck things like mud bogging, going to truck pulls and mud boggs. I looovveee peterbilts (18 wheelers) (there soo pretty and fun to ride in) and I think one of the best sounds in the world is a jake break! I also love dirt bike racing and dirt track racing!

 I take pride in the work that I do, and strive everyday to make someones day in my chair. I believe beauty comes from the inside, and if I can bring out that inner beauty and make you feel amazing about yourself my job is done.

I am a totally daddys girl! & In his eyes I do no wrong!
 (Which at 23 is still pretty cool!)

I am a product goo-roo ( hair and make up). I am always trying to hair and make up products as well as things for your skin and nails. I have huge dreams and ambitions that I am sure will come with time and hard work in this industry.

I do not have any children, just a pug-a-wah (pug and chihuahua mix.)
 whom I adore. I also recently
adopted a mini dachshund
 ( that was my biological moms before she passed away)
I absolutely love my morning walks with the boys, ESPECIALLY if the sun is rising. Or in the afternoons (when I am home from the salon) when the sun is setting. I find it so relaxing and makes me & the pups feel great!)

I LOVE football! Most of the time (during football season) I am at home ALL DAY, on the couch or tailgating and once in a while going into the game! My personal favorite team is THE PANTHERS (of course) But I also like a few other teams, although, I'm still not too sure on my second and third favorites after this season! lol (It used to be the saints buuttt... they had a terrible attitude problem when we played them!)
 I am in love with CAM NEWTON!I think he is just as cute as a button, and a heck of a quarterback! (but sometimes he could lower the ego.. just a little!)

I LIVE on Full Throttle energy drinks! I seriously think they should pay me! They taste soo wonderful! I've been drinking them since I was like 18!

I am a total essential oil FREAK! I am actually working on a full essential oil line to sell in small boutiques and in the salon. I am all about relaxation! One of my favorite things to do is take a bubble
bath ( with epsom salt, eucalyptus of course, a few essential oils and candles!)  In fact thats where I do most of my brain storming!

My friends (aside from my family) are one of the MOST IMPORTANT things to me! You guys seriously hold me together! I have found as I have gotten older who my real friends are and the friends I will have for a lifetime! In times, it seems like you all are the only thing I can hold to and you all are so encouraging, thanks! :)

I am also the writer and manager of
a blog called chicchique! (with my dear friend Tiffany Faith) It is a ladies only blog with lots of cool stuff! (links below)

One of my favorite parts of my job is doing hair for BIG EVENTS
(like weddings and fashion shows!) I also love to do make up! ( but my friend Tiffany Faith is WAY better at it!)

I love meeting and interacting with new people. & I thoroughly enjoy sharing this blog with you all!! I can't wait to hear you all's  comments and questions.  -Felicia


Check out my stylist facebook page & twitter!
Twitter: @ShearPassions

Blog: www.blogger.com - serach chicchique
Twitter: @ChicChiqueblog
Instagram: Chicchiqueblog

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