Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring FASHION 2013

Hello loves,

I hope today finds you all well and enjoying the sunshine. Today is day 2 of the SPRING 2013 BLAST OFF, the fashion edition. Do let me just say I am not by any means a fashion-esta, but I did enjoy doing my research and learning all about the new trends and fashions for this spring. & I have to say I love them. (well some of them) It seems like to me, fashion is taking a turn back in time to the 80's and 90's, with a modern twist. I'm all for it (as long as the 80's hair and bangs don't make a come back)  I am loving the "it" colors for spring (teal, pastel pinks, blues and yellows, corals, and greens) and the patterns (zig zag,stripes,etc). & the accessories are my favorite! So lets jump right into it.
 Most of the photos and quotes you will read are from GLAMOUR MAGAZINE . (the quotes will link you directly to the website.) They come from the Spring 2013 fashion show, worn everywhere from Paris to NYC.

THATS RIGHT, The short jumpsuit is commin back again! Glamour says "If you buy one thing this spring, make it a shorts suit!"  I have to say when I saw them out a bit last year, I wasn't so sure, but after seeing them again this year they are starting to win me over. I think with the right body type and style they would look great for spring. & I love the patterns and colors they are in this year. They are very versatile ( from a day out on the lake to a night out on the town, or even in your office.) I am not crazy about the short suit on the far right, it looks great on the model, but I feel like it is a little too bulky for spring. The one in the middle and to the far left are my favorites. ( Far left made by Michael Kors and middle by Tory Burch. I've seen a million of these when I am out and about doing my shopping, granted the ones I have seen are more like the short suit in the middle. Ross in particular has some really cute ones. :) My favorite thing about the short suit is the ability to dress it up (with a few nice accessories and heels, or just wear it as it with flats or flip flops.)

With a glance to your right you can see my personal FAVORITE spring dress. A loose fitting lace dress. This year it is all about texture, from the shoes to clothing to handbags and accessories. & Lace in my opinion is the best! It is far from the lace you would see in your grandmothers house, but still close enough to give it some what of a vintage and classy look. You will see lace popping up everywhere this year. I've even seen lace bracelets. It is simple and elegant and again can be dressed up or down givin the occasion. I am digging this girls belt around the waist and the pop of green in the pocketbook. & lace is soo comfy ( as long as there's something under it) A loose fitting dress like this would be perfect to throw on in the morning when your not too keen on being super dressed up and working a long day. && it still works and looks AMAZING! I will be shopping around for some lace clothing for myself this year, that is for sure!
While we are talkin about dresses lets skip to the sporty dress. " A line skirts and shoulder showcasing top" 
These are most def in this year, but they kind of remind me of a tennis dress. They look great on some people and I love the flowy skirt on the left, but I am afraid to say, with my big shoulders I will not be purchasing one. (lol) I have seen a variation of these in different stores I have been to. My favorite is the sporty dress with block coloring, it looks great and is perfect for a night out on the town! You can wear it with heels or even tennis shoes. (lol)
& lets not forget the Maxxi dresses! They are the most comfy things in the entire world and look awesome! These have been popular for a few summers now, I think they will hang out for a while. I love the fact that they are versatile and look great on ANYONE! & check out the print on this one
( to the left)! It is my most favorite spring  print, I'm seeing it pop up everywhere! & don't forget the Maxxi skirt. It is so easy to dress up. Paired here with a cute plain white tank top and super cute flats. ( & I lovvvveee those accessories, I've been waiting quite some time for "bangles" to make a comeback! lol)
Lets talk some more about accessories.  Everyone who knows me, knows I accessorise EVERYTHING! & have a crazy kind of love for pocketbooks. So look to the left and you will see my favorite spring accessory the bubble necklace, I saw my friend Jessi with one earlier this year, and fell in love. & this the color of this one is the most popular color of spring I think!  & To the right is a MUST HAVE for spring, a structured satchel, I am not crazy about the way it looks, but with the right outfit it would be perfect.  & I love love the color of this one! Think about the organization you would have with this little bag!
Don't forget everyone's favorite, shoes! Pointy toes are THE best! I love the ones pictured here! They too have been around for a while, but are making a comeback everywhere this year.
I actually own a pair that have shiny silver toe (which is also in this year) I have seen a few of them that have more of a chunky heel and I was not crazy about them. With a small heel like the ones pictured here they are great for a night out. I wear my flats all the time! (But they do stretch with wear.) I will be purchasing more before the year is out!
& I will leave you will the one Spring fashion I have been rocking since I first saw them. The bright colored jeggings. My family and friends used to give me the hardest time for wearing leggings and jeggings all the time, but you can't beat the comfort. When I was actually at wal mart last month I saw the bright colored jeggings, and grabbed a few pairs. ( granted I can't wear a lot of colors with my hair) The teal was my favorite, and they are now my new favorite pair of jeggings, I seriously wear them all the time! Now I just need to go out and grab a few more things from my list and maybe I will be a fashion-esta.

Until next time ya'll, keep your HAIR big, head held up high and stay beautiful inside and out! 
-Felicia :)

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