Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BM line

Hello loves!

As many of you already know, I recently made the switch from the Goldwell color line to Beth Minardi ( & Joico) color lines.& you guys also know, I am a COLOR NUT! It is my favorite part of my job. I find it lets me be very artistic, and creative.
So I got my full shipment of BETH MINARDI in a few weeks ago. My Minardi color package came with ALL of her permanent hair color, and Demi permanent creme hair color, Demi-Permanent liquid color,a color swatch book, all of her wonderful education tools, her signature 14' artistic foils, and full size bottles of each of her shampoo and conditioner sets. (Which are designed to treat and condition each head of hair depending on what chemical stress it has been under. (color, highlights, high lift color, Etc.)  Ohhhh it was the best day ever BTW! I felt like a kid on Christmas!

Since receiving my shipment (and previously right after I made the switch) I have been doing nothing but watching Beth's education videos, reading all of her product information, watching her webinars, and hanging out on her website and blog (which is awesome, you should check it out here!) I have really been trying to learn all of the ends and outs with her line. & Use her education and color line to the fullest to bring out a more artistic side to my coloring style.  I love her videos and even paper knowledge. I feel like Beth is very individualistic ( If that makes since) She makes sure she has all of the proper info and AWESOME tips for each and every color and client. She is also A COLOR BOSS! & has been in the business for many many years. She helped develop a few of the major color lines most stylist use today (redkin being one of them) and she worked with Joico for the last few years. (& I think she still does if I'm not mistaken) 
I have to say one of the things I do eat up (so to speak) is on the side of each box instead of it being plain it has "Beths tips"  where she tells you how she personally likes to use the color and what it could be used for!

Let me tell you a little bit about EVERYTHING the Bethi Minardi Signature line has to offer. From her colors to shampoo and conditioners. She also has a full product line but we will talk about that later! :)
 But first let me give you a little mini lesson. Our hair is made up of multiple things including lipids, proteins, fatty acids and water. Lets face it, every time you go into a salon and DEF when you use a box color you are damaging your hair. Although most professional color lines do have conditioning agents in them, they are typically straight across the board. Meaning, no matter what color service you are getting (all over color, highlift color, highlights, or just a glaze) you will get the same amount of condition for each. So lets just say you get a hi lift color, you will most likely not be getting all of the conditioning agents you need for that particular service.
The Minardi system uses something called a Calibrated Nutrition System, which restores exactly what nutrients are lost during each different type of color service by replacing exactly what is lost during each service. Therefore giving you a beautiful healthy color with tons of shine and a lasting color result. It also restores your hair back to its original or even better condition. Also her color SMELLS AMAZING! I have never used a color line that smelled good. (granted some are not as strong as others) BUT the BM line has a fresh cotton blossom smell to it. It works to eliminate the chemical smell and also relax you while you are enjoying your color service. 
(I sometimes catch myself smelling the color in the bowl over and over again.. isn't that terrible..)
Alrighty, now that we have that mini lesson out of the way lets talk more about each of her color choices. The Beth Minardi line is made up of 55 beautiful shades. From the BB's (natural colors), to the BG's and GG's,CR's,RR's and my personal favorites the ICE shades. Each of her colors has a perfect balance of all colors necessary to create beautiful results. And I have found her permanent creme color as well as her demi-permanent creme color have GREAT gray coverage. (Demi-permanent is a color that doesn't last quite and long as a permanent color and doesn't penetrate as deep in the hair cortex,so.. its kind of like a color laying on top of your natural color. & I love her Demi-liquids ESP for freshening up ends as well as toning blondes (ICE shades) and warming up blondes. Here are just a few of the beautiful colors I have created using her line.
What do you guys think?? Beautiful VIBRANT colors, right?

Now lets talk a little bit about her shampoo and conditioners. Just like how her colors are made to give your hair the perfect amount of nutrients it needs for its particular service, so does her shampoos and conditoners. Where as most lines have like a volume line, or a color line and a silky line, she has 3 different types of shampoo and conditoners. Each are based on the chemical service you have done to your hair.  (HOW COOL IS THAT) 
System 1 includes weightless wash and weightless afterwash, which is for hair treated with semi or demi color. The conditioner is not as heavy so it is also great for people with fine hair. 
System 2 includeds a balancing wash and afterwash for hair treated with permanent hair color. 
And System 3 (my favorite) is the nourishing system. With a nourishing wash and aferwash. Which is for hair treated with bleach or a hi-lift color. I also like to use this on clients whom's hair as been previously treated with those things or box color :/!  
& my MOST MOST favorite is the PRE WASH THERAPY! This is used as a conditioning treatment on dry hair. I have used it on almost every client in between foils (just as Beth does in her videos) It gives the hair that you are not foiling conditioning just as the color is doing the hair in the foils. & it is amazing. 
I have also used it on a client of mine who has had the worst time with frizz and uncontrollable dry ends because of medicines she is taking and it worked like a charm! 
Also each of her shampoos and conditoners are made with botanical extracts ( which are the most vital part of the plant) this ensures the absolute best at home treatment for color treated hair! & of course they smell amazing!
Now do you guys see why I am IN LOVE with my new color line! & my clients love it also!
Remember if you want to check it out I am running CRAZY color specials this month so COME CHECK IT OUT AND SEE WHAT YOU THINK!
& as always Stay gorgeous! 
( All information used either came from the Beth Minardi Webinar, website or technical manual, and personal experience.)


  1. Have you found that any of the color has "turned" on a client that doesnt purchase the minardi shampoo/conditioner sets?? A client i did had some issues with the blondes turning orange and a very gold yellow tone.

  2. /\ have you asked your client if they have hard water or well water? that tends to turn blonde brassy in between color services.. just a thought

  3. I AM SO SO SORRY I AM JUST NOW SEEING THIS KAITLYN WILLIAMS! I have experienced some golden tones with the BM line, but I also like to mix alot of the BB shades with the BG shades. The other person who commented also has a point, if your client has hard water or well water the color will turn a brassy color because of the mineral build up in the water. One of the things I suggest to my blondes is a clarifying shampoo to be used once a week as well as some purple shampoo to tone their highlights in between services!
    Sooo sorry my reply was so late, my life has been crazy this past year. But I hope that helps! :)

  4. I'm coming from Aveda . A very warm line ! And we cocktail all the color . Have you seen anything worth mentioning after using this line for a while now ???? Thanks

  5. Are you still enjoying this color line? R her colors warm or a good neutral? Also, do u struggle with blondes turning gold?

  6. Are you still enjoying this color line? R her colors warm or a good neutral? Also, do u struggle with blondes turning gold?