Tuesday, February 18, 2014



I hope this Tuesday morning finds you all well rested and ready for a great day! I hope you all had a great valentines day!! So I was totally SUPPOSED to be posting my first ChicChique Cheapskate post buuutttt..... I wasn't able to upload some of the photos I had on Miss.Tiffany Faith's camera. Sooo I figured I would do a beauty haul for you guys instead! :)

First off (really quick like) let me just give you all a few updates! 
- Tiffany and I met with an AWESOME photographer out of the Southpark area last night, and we have some great things in the works for you guys with her! Including package deals for weddings, proms and events. 
- BRIDES TO BE- We (Tiffany and I) are in the process of putting together a Bridal showcase event @ a local coffee shop in Mint Hill (hopefully.) IF you have already booked your wedding date with me you will be receiving your invite in the mail with in the next few months! (comment if you are a bride and would like more information!) 
- SENIORS- Tiffany,Laura ( photographer) and I are also putting together package deals for you guys. Where you and some of your besties can have your hair and makeup done altogether before prom, & Laura will be there to do your photos either at the house or on location!  (comment or contact me for more information!)
-CLIENTS- REMEMBER the next two weeks will be my LAST two weeks full time at Studio 601! (DON'T FREAK) I will still be there, just every other day! So if you need an appointment soon I would go ahead and book. & Remb. once I am only part time I REALLY REALLY need you all to book at least 2 weeks in advance. 
:) thanks :)

okay, now back to the fun stuff! 

So Tiff and I went to ULTA tonight after our little Starbucks date with Laura. I put myself on a $20 spending limit. (Idk if I've told you guys or not but, I am SERIOUSLY trying to budget this year.. and those of you who personally know me know it's not gonna be easy)  Needless to say we spend about an hour in Ulta just looking around, and OF COURSE we found the clearance!!!  (which is where I found most of my goodys!) 

Let me tell those of you who aren't familiar with Ulta a little bit about it! It is kinda like a beauty warehouse! One side is all high-end make up and hairstyling products and the other side is the drugstore make ups and hair products. I'm not too sure how much cheaper Ulta is than places like SEPHORA or a salon. I think it actually depends on the product. I personally sell my product in the salon for a little cheaper than ulta, but some salons may not. ohh & side note- I would MUCH rather you buy your hair styling products from there than wal mart.. The difference is, Ulta has a salon located inside, which means it is licenced to sell the products. && there not out of date! (YAY!) Buuuttt you should still just order from me! :) (just sayin') Anyway, ULTA is like a girlie girls paradise and has GREAT clearance!  It's also a great place to compare pricing between drug store quality and high end quality products! 

Since I only had a $20 limit I wasn't able to purchase everything I wanted to, but I wanted to share some of the cool things I saw with you all!

First off, how about NAIL BEADS! Y'all heard of them, or seen them? THEY LOOK PRREEETTTYYYY AWESOME! & From what I've heard there like the latest and coolest thing in the nail world! From what I read in the store, all you have to do to apply the nail beads is:
1. Polish your nails. (duuhh :))
2. Once they dry add your clear top coat
3. WHILE IT IS STILL STICKY pour some nail beads in the lid of the container and turn your nail top to beads and dip.
4. Let it dry :)
Super simple right! && look how cute! ahh I am in love, I'm going to have to do that ASAP! Also I just found nail beads (the ones pictured) on AMAZON.COM for pretty cheap! (I can also order them for you if need be

I also saw eye shadow that is like FOIL! Kinda like the nail foiling thing.. but for your eye lids! (ahhhh sorry but I was in total and complete amazement!
So the particular kind I saw was made by the high end make up company named Stila! ( I love their make up products btw.) After doing my research (on Stila.com ofcourse) I found out, this eye shadow was founded from inspiration from the fashion run way it's self!                                      The MAGNIFICENT METALS FOIL FINISH collection is a pretty awesome cream to powder shadow! It is super multidimensional and can be used for a variety of different things. From a simple light opaque look to an extremely high fashion eye color that is sure to catch some eyes. You can also apply it over top of shadow you have already applied to give it a nice shimmer! ( I would use it over top of a nude, grey or black on a night out!)   All you have to do to achieve the high fashion look is mix one drop of the priming solution with your shadow ( in the mixing container that comes with it) and apply to lids. The more coats of shadow you apply the more dramatic your eye will look! For a more opaque look apply the primer directly to your lid and only had a few coats of shadow!  As you can see from the pic above it comes in all kinds of shades. Some of my favorites are the Metallic jade, Comex Platinum and Metallic Emerald. I CAN NOT wait to order this and try it! For a set of a shadow, primer and mixing container it is $32.00 on Stila.com! 

Ok, now on to the stuff that I actually purchased! So since Tiffany always does such a great job at finding clearance, she did it again this time! Which rummaging through the clearance products I found a super cute brown bag ( kinda like a make up bag) with all kinds of goodies in it! It was priced at $9.99 and was originally like $18.00 (SCORE FOR THIS GIRL!)  Inside was all ULTA products including a small bronzer (sunkissed cheek with shimmer), a small ulta eyeshadow palette ( with shades bone -> a super light nude/ skin tone color, Truffle -> a beautiful deep but kinda light brown with a slight shimmer, Ice queen -> an extremely shimmery metallic grey/silver, and Gun Metal -> a dark almost blueish grey, very deep and pretty matte color.) a 3 combo brush set (shadow brush, contour brush,& a sponge tip shadow brush), a lipstick (cappuccino)(which I will most likely add to a give away bag, browns just aren't too flattering on my lips personally), a super shiny gloss (Flirtini), a Plush Drama volume mascara ( with a kind of wide but normal brush tip, which I NEEEEEDD!) & a two sided eyeliner. (black and deep brown)

 I've swatched my hand with the colors of the shadows and liners so you can see just what they look like. As far as the shadows, they seem to be pretty bright with out a primer. (except for the bone color) & didn't fade too quickly! (ofcourse adding a shadow primer will ensure that your shadow stays on all day!) The liners also seem to be very bright and don't smudge too easily! 

I also grabbed a lip gloss called STAY with me by essence, which is of course a LONG LASTING lipgloss. ( If you couldn't already tell by the name) In the shade, my favorite milkshake, which looks like a light pink thats not too shear or shimmery my favorite!) It smells amazing, and I think it may have a little plumper to it also because it does tingle a bit! I've only had it for a bit, but I have been wearing it and it has stayed on pretty good! But we will see how it does after a long day in the salon today! (it was only $2.99) While I was in the essence stuff (which is also where I saw the nail beads for $2.39) I found a clear top coat polish for only $1.99.  

Oh && I snached a cuuuttteeee orange and nude bracelet from the clearance section for only $.99 cent! ( originally $5

Soo I had an amazing time shopping today and got some pretty spectacular deals! I only spent like $12.55 & saved around $15.00! Ulta is a great place to purchase any and every kind of make up, haircare product and they even have perfumes! I love it & I would highly reccomend it to you all!!
I will keep you all updated on my use of my new stuff!! 

I hope you all enjoyed it! Untill next time, keep your head, heels and standards high y'all! 

-Felicia :)

Friday, February 7, 2014



I know I haven't posted in quite sometime & I am very sorry!! There has been a TON of new things going on with me, and some of them I think you all will DEF love! So I just wanted to give you all a short blog post to update you all and let you know whats going on!! Also, (for my clients) I know there has not been a February Newsletter sent to you all yet. Because that is all new and I am still putting people on the e-mail list, I am going to wait until March to send out the first newsletter. IF you would like to be added to the email recipient list just comment below! 

First off, I have partnered with a great friend of mine to do some what of a collabo blog called ChicChique!

 It's a ladies only blog with tons of things posted  daily. Some of the topics we cover are hair and makeup (of course), skin, nails, DIY, Cheapskate finds ( one of my personal favorites), raising children, healthy living and MUCH MUCH MORE! We will also be doing a question and answer session (almost once a month!) You can ask us anything from product opinions, to how to do things to things with your hair and make up & talk with us about issues in your personal life. I personally am not the best at relationships and things like that.. obviously lol BUT  I will be glad to give you guys my honest opinion.
Make sure you check out all of our social media stuff to get the details! (links will be posted at the end of this post! :)


This year I have a few brand new programs going on for all of my lovely clients! 

Lets start with my FAVORITE! I am starting a PREFERED CLIENTS PROGRAM which is all of my clients that take time to pre book appointments, come in to appointments on time and don't have to reschedule(too often. (I totally understand when things come up!) All clients of mine in the prefered clients program can help yourself to you choice of iced coffee (from starbucks), regular coffee, tea, water or a soft drink ALL complimentary with your service.
Also you guys get to try out all of the new services I choose to add on before ANYONE else & THEIR FREE! (this month is AROMATHERAPY & CONDITIONING TREATMENT) Now, you do have to tell me your honest opinion about the service when I am done.  That way I can decide if I really want to add it or not! 
Plus, you guys (because you pre book appointments) get first dibs on seeing me! :) Which is going to be pretty important if you keep reading.

 I am launching a PRODUCT GOO ROO program. This one is for just that my PRODUCT GOO ROOS, who love their products just like me! I appreciate you all understanding; the ONLY way to keep your hair looking as good as it does when you leave the salon is to buy the product to keep it healthy and style it at home. (& PLEASE REMEMBER if you get your products from wal mart or tj maxx you have NO IDEA what you're buying, most of them are way out of date, & what hair professional is there to tell you what your hair really needs!?)
  YOU GUYS will receive a FREE product ( that I think is best for you) the first month & then little surprises whenever you come into the salon! & you can be a product goo roo online too! :)
Want to become a PRODUCT GOO ROO click here!
Pictured blow is the FIRST EVER product goo roo Mrs.Jessica!

Lastly but DEF not least, some of you know I am in the midst of launching an essential oils line. It will include hair mask, facial mask, pure oils, and body scrubs when it is all finished. My first shipment of oils will be in HOPEFULLY in the next week or two! && I will be incorporating a NEW SERVICE to add more relaxation to your visit with me. You will be able to choose from a list of aromatherapy blends to do anything from calm and relax you to open your sinuses and give you energy for the day! (& I promise these things work guys!! I love them!
So I SUPER STOKED to get those in and go ahead and start trying them on my prefered clients! I have done a few aromatherapy hair mask already and EVERYONE has LOVED THEM! Soo I can't wait for you all to try those. (& for all of my blog lovers that are unfortunately so far away, when I get the legal stuff straightened out and the ball rolling I will be able to ship them to you all also!
I know this whole business is going to take a lot of work and patience as well as time to fully develop the right way but hopefully in a few years you will be seeing it in the salon & in small town boutiques! 


Some of you who have came to see me at the salon in the past month already know this, buutt 
STARTING IN MARCH I will only be at Studio 601 PART TIME. (i.e 12 HRS A DAY 3 DAYS A WEEK) I am taking a position in a salon in the Wesley Chapel area! I will be working for Mrs.Kelly whom I used to work for before I worked at Studio 601. I am super excited for all of the opportunities this is going to bring my way & all the great people I will be able to meet! && WORKING WITH KELLY AND DIANE AGAIN IS GOING TO BE EPIC!
 So for all of my clients, this means, I will be slam packed at Studio 601 on the days I am there. (Which will be every other day, 6 days a week, and the schedule will flip flop to make sure I am there on the days you all need!) This also means it is IMPERATIVE you guys pre book your appointments! It is going to be VERY hard to get you all in because I am cutting my time there in half but I am TOTALLY WILLING to work the extra hours and get you all in! I just can't promise if you call me the day before you want you hair done I will be able to do it! You all ARE and WILL REMAIN my first priority! I love you guys with ALL OF MY HEART & I hope you all understand I am taking this position to grow as a stylist, learn new things, and make more money for my family & I.  


There are great new changes for your guys too! (I have already booked 4 weddings things year & I am super SUPER thankful and excited about that!) BUUUTTT there are still great things coming for the brides I have already booked and the new and upcoming brides I get to work with!

First off, when you book your wedding day with me we will go over big details & then plan to meet one day before your run through (@ a local coffee shop of your choice) to go over small details & the coffee is on me! 
Also, I am working with a Makeup artist Tiffany Faith (, who is also my blog partner) and massage therapist Shelby Smith to do package deals for you alls wedding days! & either of them and their services can be added on to your wedding day with me for 15% off their normal price! (We will also be pulling in  a few photographers!) If you would like to add all of us to your wedding event we will have package deals available for you!
 OH & (I almost forgot) hopefully this coming MAY we will be having a very small BRIDAL EVENT @ Studio 601, so you guys can meet all of the wonderful people I work with in the wedding season and enjoy other brides company, talk and bounce ideas!!
& starting this year I will require a 40% deposit due on the day of your run through. I am so sorry and hate to do this to you all but there have been too many times in  the past where a bride would book all brides maids and then none of them want their hair done, after I've taken the day or weekend off to do their wedding. I hope you all understand.

Oh,& In the next few weeks there will be tons of new updates on this page! So if you ever try to open it and it is shut down or crazy things are going on that is why! 

Whew, that was a lot! Hope its not an information overload for you guys! & I hope you are as excited about these changes as I am! Also DON'T FORGET to check out the Shear Passions facebook page to see all of the FEBRUARY SPECIALS and updates daily! 
<3 you guys!!

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