Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life behind the shears


I am so so so sorry I have not been blogging in quite some time, I have been completely slammed with 12 hour days at the salon (which I am loving BTW), color classes and inspiration extravaganza, I am also in the process of making the switch to BETH MINARDI SIGNATURE COLOR LINE. In the midst of this I am getting ready for a BLOW DRY class for some clients and their closest friends, a bridal show (My business partner Tiffany Faith will be attending), & booking weddings left and right, as well as just living everyday life.
Lets talk more about the MINARDI color! I brought it in to use on just a few clients along with my goldwell and joico lines. It works wonderfully and doesn't have an underlying tone ( the color that lies underneath or makes the color) Most color lines have a golden, red, or green undertone. You can see it mostly when using the NN series in lines to cover gray. The Minardi line doesn't have the underlying tone (BUT it still has wonderful gold, reds, coppers and neutrals (her BB's)) It is made up of a permanent line, 2 demi-permanents (creme and liquid form) Not only are the colors amazing but they are made up of two botanical extracts (phyto-collagen & Ceramide)  which insure that your hair gets the proper nutrition while being colored. I just had my hair colored with the Minardi (& some joico) today, and I used her formula 2 shampoo and conditioner.  My hair feels, looks and smells fantastic! The color does NOT smell like a normal color, it actually smells kind-of like grapes (to me) and was actually formulated to relax you while getting your hair colored. Another great thing about this line is you can intermix it with JOICO ( which is another line I have been using as of late)
I have yet to watch all of the videos or get my complete line in. I have done alot of reading in her color handbook & I CAN'T WAIT to get my kit. Don't worry, when I do YOU will be the FIRST to know!!!  Lern more about Beth (Photo used is from

My how to- HOLLYWOOD blow-dry class will be held this Friday Night in Pageland, SC. I will be going through step by step on how to get your hair to look just like the movie stars, or like you just walked out of the salon. Along with some product knowledge. ( What products to use for what and why)  I can't wait to meet all of the lovely ladies that will be there, and give them inspiration to change the way they look at blow-drying. I learned this technique from one of the plat-form artist at the color boot camp I attended a few Mondays ago.  ( I will also be posting a blog soon on how you can achieve the same look :))  Depending on how this class goes (which I'm thinking it is going to go great) I will be holding more events, either in peoples homes or at the salon. Let me know if you are interested in booking one of those.

So, that is what is going on BEHIND MY CHAIR. What is going on in your life or behind your chair?? Can't wait to hear from you!!

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