Thursday, January 17, 2013



As you can all see I haven't stuck to my new years resolution very well, but I can keep trying, right? This year I have decided to only carry a few choice product lines in the salon. Reason being, I am not a huge sales person, and I can only sale something I 100% believe in. This past year I had products sitting on my shelves at all times, and I hated it. Don't get me wrong, all professional products are great. But some are alot better than others. So with that being said, let me introduce you all to 2 out of 4 of my new product lines I will be selling this year. 

Say hello to  MR.MICHAEL O' ROURKE!

AKA a life saver for most of my clients with thin hair. I purchased a start up Rock your Hair, Rock BIG hair line  back in December. I automatically fell in love. (which takes a lot for a stylist.)  Not only is the smell wonderful, it reminds me of a very light smelling perfume. The packaging is to die for ( hot pink with diamonds)  &&& the result are AMAZING! I have shampooed and conditioned some of my clients with the thinnest hair using this, used no other products and blew it dry with NO round brush, and still got amazing volume!!   The root lifter is also great, most root lifters leave are very thick and can be highly difficult to round brush through. This one is not, and gives you the extra ummph you need. I suggest spraying it in the palm of your hand and running it through all of your hair. The Root powder is also great for a little lift after you finish blow drying. Also you can use it like a dry shampoo. Just keep it in your purse, and when you feel like your hair is getting a little limp, just sprinkle a little bit on the scalp and spruce it up again. I also like to use the root powder like a paste, to give you lift and a subtle piece look with out the wet look from the paste. 

Lets talk about Mr. O'Rourke himself. From what my product Representative has told me, Mr. O'Rourke was one of the people who made and produced the line BIG SEXY HAIR. Unfortunately, when BIG SEXY HAIR became diverted -> (  popping up in wal marts, drug stores etc.) he decided to go out on his own and start a new line.
                                                     THANK GOSH HE DID.  
This line not only gives great volume, but is also color safe!  Most volume products pop your hair cuticle open ( which is where the color is held) to give you the volume you need.. which, in turn, makes your color fade. This shampoo and conditioner is sulfate free, so none of that happens and you still get great volume. I would suggest to all people with thin or thinning hair to give ROCK BIG HAIR a try. 

If you have noticed I am only talking about the volume (bright pink) line. This is because I have yet to try the white and red MOISTURE line. But I have full faith that the moisture line works just as well as the volume line, and I just ordered my trail set. I will have to get back to you with the details on it! :)

Now lets start with JOICO!  I have been dabbling in the JOICO line for years. As most of you all know I am a die- heart GOLDWELL stylist ONLY... but... with the changes in some of their products and some more usage of other lines  I am becoming a little more diverted myself. 
This past year I have tried most of the JOICO color line. And let me just say it is none less than AMAZING. I am in love with the gray coverage it gives me and the limitless color choice on gray coverage it gives. I am not 100% if I will be using nothing but the JOICO color line this year, or still trying others out. 

NONE THE LESS, I WILL BE SELLING AND USING THE JOICO K-PAK PRODUCT LINE. This line is the best thing I have found for dry, damaged hair. The full line uses Bio-Advanced peptide TM and Quardramine to repair and restructure dry damaged hair, which are the two best re-constructors in the business. The shampoo and conditioners fill in the damaged (holes) in your hair shaft leaving them stronger than before. Which will give your hair ultimate shine and longevity. The full line also does this, with each of its own added pluses too, such as, the heat protectant, the split end minder and the intense hydrator. 

I have not decided yet if I will carry the full Joico line. But for now these two lines( joico K-PAK & ROCK BIG HAIR) are set in stone. I LOVE THEM, AND I'M SURE YOU WILL TOO! :)

Stay beautiful