Sunday, January 27, 2013

My 2103 Trendsetting hair color choices.

Even though it is very early on in the year, these are my 2103 Trendsetter color choices! Most trends come and go with in a few months time, but for hair color, they stick around a little longer. Some of these have actually been around and are just getting big, or have been big for quite sometime in Hollywood, and now everyone wants them.


 I know everyone loves the super super blonde look (bleach blonde, Marlin Monroe blonde.).. but I have to tell you, the new blonde is the natural, golden blonde! (As seen on the left.) This is done with a natural golden blonde lowlight,  you can throw some bright blonde in there to give it a little dimension if you want..just don't get too crazy! If you will notice on the left you can also see a darker color at the roots, and under that is the most popular fad in hair as of late. OOOMMMMMBBBBRRRREEEEE! Because the ombre craze has become so popular, you will  see people just doing a tad-bit of a darker root color with any color. Which I think not only looks amazing, it also makes your blonde appear a lot more natural!  & It will also allow you to hold out a few more weeks on that root touch up! ;)   The 2nd picture is   a true and gorgeous ombre blonde! OMBRE IS IN! & it is mostly seen with blonde, rarely with other colors. ( no worries though, ombre with other colors is coming around!) You can be very flexible with ombre blonde . Pretty much you choose how dark and what shade of blonde or brown for the top and how light you would like the bottom to be. This one in particular is one of my favorites. I love the depth and warmth of the top, and the beautiful natural but pale blonde on the bottom. Also notice, it goes great with her skin tone. A great ombre color comes with a great color artist. Although it looks like it is just roots grown out and it shouldn't be too hard to do, Ombre hair coloring is actually pretty difficult & takes alot of color knowledge and formulating. If done the wrong way, you could look like you just got a bad dye job. :/ It is among one of my favorite things to do with color and also gives you more time in between touch ups. :) You can have alot of different looks with ombre too! For example, as summer approaches, you can bring the light pale blonde up closer to your face and even frame your face with it!!  


 A Lot more people are deciding to go natural these days, which naturally means... brunette! There is nothing wrong with that at all, and you never have to worry about it matching your skin tone. This year, people are going natural but spicing it up a bit! Check out the 1st picture to the right, it is a beautiful chestnut dark brown with a golden light brown highlight.  The golden highlights are also pulled in more around the face to brighten her up (which is also a new fad, that I LOVE) with just a few in the back. This is also a minor affect of the ombre. Unlike ombre, you can see some slight highlights on the top. I love the contrast but also similarities in the dark and light brown, it gives enough contrast to pop but they are also within the same color family, which makes it all appear more natural.

Looking at the 2nd picture to the right you will see a light brown/ dark blonde with a super dark root area and some dark underneath. This trend you don't see as often, however, it is coming around!

                                                                                                                                                                Again you can see the lighter blonde more so framing the face, with the dark brown on the roots and underneath. The look of a modern day hi/low light. This look is amazing on people with a naturally warm or brown skin tone. I think you will see more of this color scheme when summer rolls around. I love the foil placement along with the color choices in this picture. You can also be very flexiable with color choices with this also, you could even go a little more drastic with your color choices because they do not have to be as close in the same color family as you would with ombre.

Lastly, the 3rd picture. Again, a warm, deep brown with the lighter highlights framing the face. Darker on the root area too. But what I love about this picture and what I think the trend here is, the copper undertones and even copper lowlghts in the bottom. A lot of times people shy away from copper, but as of late, I have had many people wanting to try it out, and mostly in brown hair. Copper is a great offset to brown, and is more fun that the typical blonde. This look will work with just about any skin tone, and because of the copper it will make blue eyes look super blue! 


 I know it seems crazy, but more and more people are wanting the DRASTIC RED! (If you all don't know, that is what color my hair is and I love love it.) The question is, of all the people who love it, how many of them will actually do it. My answer, about 45%. When most people go for the RED, they opt for low lights or red on the bottom, or in certain places. I love the picture to the right though because it is an all over BAM RED, with of course  darker roots, a little darker around the face and ends. Also this year, instead of diving into the reds, people are going more with a red violet, and not just a red red.  This red would look best of someone with a very pale skin tone or an olive skin tone.
This red low light in the brown would be more common for someone to ask for than the first one. It kind of has the ombre look, but not really. This is more of a brown undertone, brown root and brown all over color. With the burgundy (red/violet) acting as a highlight. What I think would be even prettier would be to have the entire top layer the dark brown and allow the red to be kind-of like a peek-a-boo underneath. Which would also be a more conservative way to put a little red in your life.  Because of the darker brown and the more violet undertone in the red, I would suggest this color for people with a darker skin tone. 
 Lets not forget the red/browns. This trend as been around for years and years. The normal red brown, but again, notice.. the lighter brown around the face as a highlight, and now the red brown is more coppery-ish. I love copper red browns, they can do so much for the eyes and skin-tone. They also have a wide spectrum of colors from light to dark.  This is also a red that will look a lot more natural when growing out and will not fade as bad as other reds.  I love this color and foil placement, and how it brings out those light brown eyes in the picture.
If you are considering going red, let me warn and remind you, REDS FADE...TERRIBLY. But, if you ask me, they are worth it! :)

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