Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dabbling in Makeup!

Yesterday after work, I meet up with a  great friend of mine and NEW BUSINESS PARTNER! Miss.Tiffany Faith.HER BLOG IS HERE I have told you all about her before and her amazing make up abilities. Sooo about two hours into our business meeting she mentioned SEPHORIA! (of course she would)  & I was all about it. I dabble in makeup a bit, and I have always done hair and make up for all of my brides. It is something I am also very passionate about. But in this upcoming year with Tiffany and I's new business FAITHFULLY BEAUTIFUL! You can get the best of both worlds at the same time! :) ( Stay tuned for more info on that)

 So, While roaming around in Sephoria for about an hour, and getting the down low and education on products from Miss.Tiffany, I found a few things that I feel in love with.  Lets start with the Two Faced Natural Eye palette. Two faced is one of my favorite make up lines. Not only because it will last through out the day, but it is also super shimmery and bold (of course it will be bolder with eye primer)  I am a sucker for shimmer, and I always have been, from eye shadows to cheek colors and so on. This palette has 3 matte colors and the rest are SHIMMER!!  I realize, most brides and bridal parties do not like too much shimmer on the wedding day. But I do love to add a little shimmer as an accent. All of the colors in this palette are true to color and make for a beautiful shimmery smokey eye.  Also, with just this one palette you can have the perfect eye for a relaxing day and a night out on the town!  Also, the lid  (inside the packaging)  has cards in the back to help achieve each look. ( But who wants to go by the rules.. right?) I have to say my favorite shade in this palette is the Nude beach, It is a beautiful pale pink/golden color with extra shimmer. I use it on myself as a high light (at the corners) and sometimes on the lid.

Moving on to another one of my favorite brands URBAN DECAY! I have to say, a few years ago, I didn't believe the difference in professional make up and just basic make up from a drug store or wal mart. Buuuttt a few years ago my boss GAVE me and URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE! & It changed my life! (seriously) I'm not saying you can't find good things at drug stores but I am a full believer in " you get what you pay for!" So last night I picked up the Urban decay eye shadow primer potion and Big fatty mascara.
I typically use TIGI eye shadow primer, and it works great. But I have always heard great things about the primer potion and I have actually used it in a lot of my photo-shoots.  The primer comes in 4 different colors, Eden ( a nude matte finish), Greed ( a yellowish shimmer), Original ( dries invisible), and my choice the Sin ( a champagne darker shimmer).  The primer goes on smooth and LAST ALL DAY!  Also the shimmer tone (if that makes since) matches my skin tone to a tee. So no need for a highlight under my brow.
The BIG FATTY MASCARA does just that! It makes me look like I have a ton of lashes, when I really only have very few. I love the applicator brush, It is a rounder brush with a lot of bristles. Which means (to me) it is thinking while going on. This mascara thickens and lengthens while moisturizing the lashes.  It goes on smooth.  I will say I tend to swipe my lashes one too many times (sometimes) and with this mascara it causes clumping.Also it is water proof, but not too hard to get off @ night.
Last but DEF not least, and probably my  FAVORITE PURCHASE. The BUXOM  BIG AND HEALTHY LIP CREAM! The packaging is what drew me too it. I nor Tiffany had ever heard of BUXOM. But with a few minutes at the BUXOM counter with our hands covered in lip gloss, eye shadows and eyeliners we both feel in LOVE! I tried a lot of different colors and chose the MUDSLIDE. It is perfect for my skin tone and lip color. I also think this color will work wonderfully on my brides. ( needless to say I will be ordering more) It is a lip plumper, which means it tingles! It goes on extra smooth and it isn't too thick or sticky. I also noticed it last forever!! I have had it in my purse for a total of 2 days now and I am constantly reaching for it!
I would recommend these products to anyone looking for great new make up to try out!
(pictured but not talked about; tigi eyeliner, powder and mineral tint, VS blush)
Sorry for the goofy face! lol

--Felicia :)

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