Thursday, January 23, 2014

Miracle product Monday

Hey guys! I know I'm super late with this post, as per usual. (ugh, I've got to get better about that!) But I am terribly sorry. I've been slammed at the salon, and also working on revamping this full blog page,(which I know you all will love!) & I promise to try to do better! :)

Anyway, lets talk about the Miracle Product for this past Monday! So, I was thinking about exactly which product I was going to tell you guys about today & the PERFECT product came to mind. I just picked some up the other day!! (I completely forgot how awesome it really is) Its called Pearatin!

 I'm not sure if I have mentioned this to you guys at all or not but; this year I want make a master list of the BEST products for 2013! Some of them will be things I just happened to grab one day and try out & fall in love with. Some will be products I have used for years and swear by! (like the pearatin!!!) The goal is to have 12 great products for you guys to read about and also get special deals on! (anywhere from 20 - 50% off) each month. && at the end of the year I will be doing the full group of products for a blow out deal.  I plan on sharing one of these products with you guys monthly. Of course I will still do the #MPM on Mondays as well. Although, all of the BEST products of 2013 will be nothing but hair care. ( my favorite subject! :))

So I'm super super super excited about that & hope you guys are too!! (& I've got more exciting news to tell you all about later!) 

Alright, PEARATIN! 

I have to say this serum is one of my favorite products of ALL TIME! & it  was actually one of the very products that inspired me to do the 12 best products of 2013.
 I was introduced to this product this past summer by a fellow co worker of mine named Wendy. At the time I was really really sunburn on my face & I asked Wendy what she thought would be best for it. She let me try it & BAM! I feel in love...(it sounds corny.. but seriously though!)

Your probably thinking, she just said all of the products for BP2013 were going to be for hair. (which by the way BP2013 is how I'm going to abbreviate best products of 2013 from now on)  But that's (as an old man people used to call catfish used to say) the coolest part about it! It is made for hair but doubles as a skin oil also! I honestly have used it in my  hair maybe a few times but when I had  it over the summer I used it daily!! ( I even kept it in my pocketbook to use during the day for my arms and hands)
It makes my skin super smooth & silky. Also it is super moisturizing & (if your wondering) it worked MIRACLES for that sunburn!
Some of Wendy's clients buy this stuff by the big bottle & she is ALWAYS out of it! They swear it helps with wrinkles and is great on their face. She says they rub it everywhere and love it!!
I read some reviews while doing some research earlier on the website where people said it also blocks humidity & helps brittle hair. They said it is great to tame wild, thick hair too!

So let me give y'all some facts about the Pearatin.

- It has a built in heat protector. ( for up to 450 degrees.)
-Its made with oils loaded with anti oxidants! (jojoba,olive,pumpkin,acai,pomegranate & cranberry.) 
*which could be why it smells amazing!* 
(acai oil is also known as a top alternative to using skin products that have chemicals in them. & also gives your skin a healthy glow! I read an article that said Brazilians have been using it for years to cure skin problems and diseases! )
-Its made from a vanilla & orange aromatherapy blend.
(which, when I looked it up I discovered is a calming and soothing blend. & It also improves your mood.The orange oil is good to help dull skin too!!! Who knew?!)
-I used it just the other day to smooth down some frizz for a girl friend of mine & it lasted all night long!! (side bar,lol)
- I also use it in my bath water & after a shower or bath all over!
 (* Always make sure when you put your lotion or oil on after a shower that your skin is not all the way dry. Your skin (kinda like your hair) soaks in more when its a little damp!
-I almost BET it
 would work great to use after tanning too!! & would make tanning not so drying to the skin! (I'm going to have to try that asap & let you guys know!
-I was also thinking it would work great to mix with coconut oil for a home made (kinda) EPIC smelling hair mask!

Over all this product is hands down one of the BEST on the market. (In my opinion!) I figured, why not start 2013 off with a bang! 
It is a little on the expensive side in comparison to my other products but it is TOTALLY worth the money! Normally I retail this serum at $25 a bottle,but for the month of February ONLY its just $20!!!
I'm telling you guys,
this stuff is like a little miracle in a bottle! (seriously, you should give it a try!!)

*Contact me Via facebook or email to order yours!* 

I hope you guys all have a beautiful day today!! 
-Felicia :) 

* For more information on the pearatin product line visit
& to read more about the benefits of acai berrys and oils visit

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